!Editing! – Types and the Magic

Now that you are done with the ‘writing’ part which includes ‘re-writes,’ the next step is EDITING – The Red Color Pen should sign across your novel to make it better. If you plan to publish your novel traditionally, the publishers will invest for the editing or they will have an in-house team of editors. Even if you self-publish via a publisher, you have the option to pay for the editing services. If you individually self-publish, the best is to invest on a freelance editor to get your work polished.
One predominant thing – EDITING is mandatory, regardless of how well-versed you are in English. Even if you are confident enough, proof reading is recommended.
Editing: Editing is typically revising the work, re-writing parts, re-organize to adhere timelines, change the scene positions.
Line-editing: Checks the content, persistence in style, and command in language – only at the sentence level or call it a paragraph level.
  • Word choices
  • Flow in the paragraphs
  • Tighten the dialogues
  • Repetitions eliminate
  • Cliche checks
  • Check the tone of the sentence
  • Follow the narrative style
  • Avoid confusions
  • Enhance vocabulary
Copy-editing: It is more about formatting and checking grammar, spellings and sweep through the script to hold the typographical errors, minor issues and errors in the script.
  • Spell checks
  • Grammar
  • Proper punctuation
  • Format consistency
Content-editing or Developmental Edit: Character or behavior of your protagonist and others should be consistent. A content editor will tap here to fish if it’s ideal for your character to speak or do something given the description followed. The dialogues and plot are to be plausible and nothing will be missed as such with a content editor.
  • Character settings
  • Plot settings
  • Back story
  • POV checks
  • Ensure goal is achieved
Substantive-editing: An editor who does substantive editing turns almost a shadow of the writer, they almost re-write your story to make it look perfect. For those who are good story-tellers but find it difficult to put the same on black and white, can go for substantive editing.
  • Tweaking
  • Re-ordering the scenes to fit
  • Rewriting
  • Check if the goal, the conflict, and reason behind writing it is fulfilled
  • Play the reader’s brain role to influence the writer accordingly
Proof-reading: That one final look before you send it to print, is called proof reading. So just spacing checks and punctuation.
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Capitalization
Editors help you fine-tune and present the novel that you ever dreamt of, hire the right person.
The next post will highlight few editors’ profiles that were verified. If in case you are looking for an editor – stay tuned.

!Karma is a bitch!

A few days back, I had an issue with a guy and this blew out of proportion on Facebook and twitter. Then after, I was normal and had a good weekend. All of a sudden today morning, I woke up with 68 missed calls and I started wondering who are these trying to reach me, and then I opened “Whatsapp” to see porn images and videos shared by few numbers, and just plain ‘Hi’ from certain numbers.
It hit me on my head – I was able to outline why this is happening connecting the dots. I first called a friend with whom I commute most of the day and informed him with tears. He convinced me to calm down and promised to meet me in an hour.
He picked a few calls, most of them ran away hearing a male voice. One, just one answered him. My friend convinced him first that his identity will not be disclosed, and politely asked him how he received my number. He told he got it through a website – peperonity.
Peperonity – A porn website, where it gives you chat facility with an unknown to talk fetish. Looks like this guy whom I suspect initiates a chat with every possible guy and gives my number to talk.
I never knew such website exists, and oh boy, I didn’t expect so many guys use this site to talk. I ignored calls, I deleted WhatsApp and was about to change my number. Only thing that hit me hard – If I change my number, the guy behind the whole scene would win.
What did I learn?
  • People on Facebook – will like/Comment/Share at extreme cases and move on. You will suffer. So don’t take anything to Facebook at any cost
  • Friends – Few were kidding for instantly turning famous all of a sudden, oh whoa fan base, they said – I am much more angrier on these fellas than the guy who did
  • Cyber complaint they said, How to move forward – none said
I then thought, who are these guys calling me? – Creepy idiots whose dick hardens when they are in crowded buses. Guys who are sex starving. What will they do to the extreme? – I picked the calls and said “My number is misused, I have complained to the cyber cell”
  • Few didn’t understand ‘cyber’ so I replaced with the term “Police”
  • Few cut the call right away
  • Few were generous enough to Sorry
  • One guy was extremely generous stating, If I can be of any help please tell me – I said him to reply back to the guy who chats “Karma is a bitch, it will fuck you”
My key take away list:
  • Complains to cyber cell online – is a myth, it doesn’t work at all.
  • If you want to complaint you will have to reach “Commissioner office” located at Vepery with all the evidences and proofs
    1. I had to refrain because my father is against and my few real friends didn’t allow me to take this up on my sleeve
  • I FILTERED FRIENDS – the replies of “Oh”, “Oh My God”, “Let me know what happened then”, “Are you still getting calls” – Guys! I tell you, why on Earth did I even meet you folks and befriended.
  • One guy – surfed through and literally kept fishing for the details – Lots of Love, Thank you!
  • Another colleague – Tried to make it a fun event for his gang to burst out laughing, I stayed quiet and with what my face express the gang was able to make out and chose not to laugh. – Lots of Love, again! Will I get another chance to understand you better ?
  • My close friend (?) – “You blow things out of proportion and now, am afraid of you. I am running away from you, I don’t want to talk anymore” – God Bless You.
Like those who say the woman’s dress was the reason behind the rape; many pointed me for being aggressive (?) on Facebook. – Slowwww claps and a big THANK YOU!
Again! – be it salis or any other who did such a nasty act – KARMA IS A BITCH; YOU’LL BE FUCKED.


Amala gingerly reached out for the high shelf. The stool that gave an instant 2 feet lift didn’t help much as she kept stumbling due to the Carpenters’ partiality on the stool’s legs.
“Careful, pick all the cups. Don’t miss any,” Preetha instructed, watching Amala pick the ‘winner’ cups and medals one by one.
“Hmmm!” she acknowledged and inched closer, – stumbling a bit with every movement – to pick a few more from the last row. “Why do these people leave all these items here? I have to mount this rickety stool every time to pick these,” she pondered.
“Ha, yes…yes… Drive straight from that chill eatery for about 20 minutes and then take a left. Mine is the fifth apartment on your left. A big board would read ‘Nanditha Apartments’,” Preetha was talking over the phone as she strolled across the lobby.
Amala slinked into the room and saw Preetha talking animatedly in front of the mirror. “Thank you! I feel privileged, and I thank my parents who encouraged me. This award means a lot to me; I will strive harder to help other needy children who are in need of good education–,”
“Huh… what?” she furrowed her brows on noticing Amala.
“Heh… all done akka, all your medals, and winner cups are arranged in the hall.” Amala smiled.
“Huh, buy a 2 liter Mirinda bottle and biscuits from the shop nearby… take the money… it’s below the stabilizer on the fridge,” Preetha said and resumed her ebullient mono acting .
“Aunt told to help you set the wardrobe,” Amala hesitated, glancing at the clothes strewn all over the sofa set and table nearby. The clothes resembled icebergs, scattered here and there.
Preetha felt alarmed and hurried, bundlingthe clothes together in her hands.
“Thank God! It would have been such a mess in front of the interviewers,” she said and walked to her room, depositing the pile on her bed. “Hmmm! Is everything else fine?” she asked herself, admiring the reflection in the mirror.
“Heyyyy! welcome,” she shrilled in reply to the door bell and gave a tight hug to her Facebook friend Sonali who was working in a reputed magazine.
After a brief chat, Preetha positioned herself amidst the medals and took pictures anticipating the same on the magazine tomorrow.
“How did social service interest you? How did you manage to adopt the village along with your friends? What changes would you like to see in the future?” the questions lined up and she smiled like Cinderella in a pink frock while answering.
Amala walked in noiselessly and entered the kitchen. After minutes of waiting Preetha walked in angrily as Amala hadn’t brought the snacks for her guests.
“What the hell are you – huh… Hey, why are you weeping?” Preetha asked her with a puzzled face. “What happened?”
“Akka, the shop owner’s son teased me because my top is torn near the arms, can you please lend me a dupatta to cover it?” she choked out, sniffing.
“Sure!” said Preetha and walked out as her pride shattered.

Debut Authors – Alert!!!!

Dear all,

I am Kavipriya Moorthy, author of a chick-lit genre novel “I don’t wear Sunscreen.”

I followed the trend and as per the advice I received from a few authors I know I sent my book to reviews.

“Word of Mouth”, “Google” and “seeing posts on FB” – I got to list down few reviewers.

Book Reviewers — Those who are well-read, who have a blog where they post a review about a book with details and rating the book out of 5 mostly. They help in getting the book a reach to an extent, where any reader would go through this review and decide whether to buy the book or not. Just like Movie reviews.

Authors – They send a free copy, or if the book reviewer has a domain registered, they can also tag a price for their reviews.

Me – Debut author, who is *desperate* to let the book reach fellow readers, sent free books to a few reviewers. One such guy is Salis Afaque. His blog – http://www.salisonline.in

Book Released – July 13th

Book was sent to Salis on – August 1st

First follow up – Sept 1st week for which he replied the review will be posted by month end

Second follow up – Sept 20th – His reply ” Actually I have exams, and I can’t confirm when I can post.”
image image(1)

My publishers will give me only bulk copies on a count of 30 or more, I have to pay the printing cost for the same which is about 2500 INR. Since I spent enough already, I refrained and politely asked him to send the book back. (Few state this is wrong – am not sure. But I didn’t want my book resting on a shelf forever but read by a reviewer for that matter)

He asked my address and phone number to send my book back. I gave him the details and said I will pay for the courier.

Sept 22nd – I received the book, and he blocked me on Facebook

Sept 23rd – Random guys ping me on Whatsapp stating they saw a post with my number.