Debut Authors – Alert!!!!

Dear all,

I am Kavipriya Moorthy, author of a chick-lit genre novel “I don’t wear Sunscreen.”

I followed the trend and as per the advice I received from a few authors I know I sent my book to reviews.

“Word of Mouth”, “Google” and “seeing posts on FB” – I got to list down few reviewers.

Book Reviewers — Those who are well-read, who have a blog where they post a review about a book with details and rating the book out of 5 mostly. They help in getting the book a reach to an extent, where any reader would go through this review and decide whether to buy the book or not. Just like Movie reviews.

Authors – They send a free copy, or if the book reviewer has a domain registered, they can also tag a price for their reviews.

Me – Debut author, who is *desperate* to let the book reach fellow readers, sent free books to a few reviewers. One such guy is Salis Afaque. His blog –

Book Released – July 13th

Book was sent to Salis on – August 1st

First follow up – Sept 1st week for which he replied the review will be posted by month end

Second follow up – Sept 20th – His reply ” Actually I have exams, and I can’t confirm when I can post.”
image image(1)

My publishers will give me only bulk copies on a count of 30 or more, I have to pay the printing cost for the same which is about 2500 INR. Since I spent enough already, I refrained and politely asked him to send the book back. (Few state this is wrong – am not sure. But I didn’t want my book resting on a shelf forever but read by a reviewer for that matter)

He asked my address and phone number to send my book back. I gave him the details and said I will pay for the courier.

Sept 22nd – I received the book, and he blocked me on Facebook

Sept 23rd – Random guys ping me on Whatsapp stating they saw a post with my number.