Belur Temple – Love at First Sight

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The moment I stepped in, divinity caught my throat. I sensed a strange fulfillment. I walked through the steps admiring every detail of the temple as such.
The main prahar was closed for a special pooja, and my train schedule had a rush. I had to walk out without sneaking Lord Vishnu; I kept battling and fighting within me. I said to myself that I wanted to see the deity before leaving, and I stood right there watching the closed red curtain.
It was raining and was such a close call, I stood there with all hope. A few seconds before the car started, I heard the bell drumming to catch my attention. Lord Vishnu’s way of calling me in, the feel of rushing in to see the exotic deity of Lord Vishnu, has no words at all in my dictionary.
I felt the best though I missed visiting yet another temple named Halebedu. I loved the trip as such.
To visit: Mangalore is the nearest airport, else its much connected to places near Bangalore, Chikamaglur, Shimoga, etc.. Reaching this place isn’t a big deal.
Verdict: Soul-stirring and Soul-searching would love this place. Architects, DSLR fanatics, run to this place, please!
P.S Pictures were clicked using my mobile – iPhone 5 (Sorry for the quality :P)