When I See Your Face – Book Review

When I See Your Face is Devika Fernando’s romance novel. I read “Saved in Srilanka” first as I won a giveaway by the author. I started this book with enough anticipation for a good read, and I must say am not disappointed at all. I loved reading every alphabet of the book, to cut the long story short. Devika Fernando has the best style of writing romance and the way she writes make us all fall in love with the novel.

The story is about a woman falling in love for the second time with another person having gone through a hard hitting past. The story yet again proves the capability of pain and love, and a burning passion that will outlive everything else. It is more of a ‘chick-lit’ & ‘Romance’ Genre.

First Impression: I was not happy with the cover, I thought the cover speaks nothing of what’s inside the story. The cover and title are not as catchy as the story is, which makes the novel not pick worthy if found in a store. Luckily, it is Kindle publishing, and I know the pulse of Devika as I read one other novel. I just wish she ensures to present a good cover next time.

Overall Impression: Am amazed totally and awe-struck with the minute and tiny little microscopic writing that just brings out sheer love from within. A woman in love would enjoy this book more. Utterly cute and lovely.

My review: The book is sweeter than one can ever explain. It is a woman’s world in short, the descriptions and details are totally close to my heart. Hand-picked words that serve the purpose, I marked the beautiful sentences I crossed to read it all again. Few phrases where Cathy flinches at the touch of his hand, the way she feels when Mark stands close, the way she sits on the couch and every other detail is written right from the heart. I lived Cathy’s life, and I loved to see myself as Cathy at the back of my mind. I have not read any other book that details the warmth and delicacy of a kiss so well and genuinely. Devika does it at ease; she is worth a million bucks for this work.

What did I love about the book? The microscopic details of Cathy’s feelings. The success of a woman who went through hell and were ready to face the world. The sternness that a woman would portray when all she wants is to prove to the world.

Ratings: 4.5/5

Wow Factor: 1) The simple story and strength of emotions handles. 2) Vocabulary – The best words that fulfill the puzzle all at once

Frown Factor: 1) The cover 2) I missed aunt Grindle in the end who played a major role – nevertheless, that’s what I felt and has nothing to do with the story.

My opinion: Woman’s world – read this book and you’ll find yourself in Devika’s world. You see your face in the book. Never miss this lovely book, I promise soul-stirring feel throughout the book. The book will make you feel the way you would when a newborn holds your finger tight.

Thoughts: Would love to see paperbacks and full-fledged novels from Devika.

To the author: I will read all your novels diligently, and I bow literally.

Grab a copy, and find more details about the author and her upcoming novels in here – www.devikafernando.com/

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