You are my hero

When Ashwini fed Bala with a spoon of water, her father entered the room. “This is insane,” he mellowed. “Dad,” she shook her head signifying not to talk.

“How are you feeling?” he asked taking the seat next to Bala’s bed replacing Ashwini.

“Am good uncle, just one more day. You will see the carnivore, no more diets or extensive workouts,” he laughed.

“That’s good news, please don’t take up these assignments. I am worried,” he touched his hand and Bala’s nod made him smile.

“Dad, we will start early tomorrow. By 5:00 AM and I don’t know when we will return,” Ashwini entered the room with a cup of coffee.

“Why? No, I will go with him. You better work tomorrow. I already heard from your sister that there are several complaints at the school. Am all free, I can accompany,”

She looked at Bala, and he smiled batting his eyes acknowledging.

When Ashwini woke the next day, Bala was already up, he was busy looking at the mirror. She hugged him from behind and caressed his body feeling his 6-pack abs.

“Looks perfect nah? though not like Arnold, I look like SRK nah” he asked, turning and holding her shoulders.

“Hard work never fails Bala,” she hugged him and spent a minute hearing his heart beat.

“Please record the shoot okay? I want to see,” she told when he walked out with her dad.

“Sure, why not,”

She was pre-occupied, and it reflected at School. When questioned, she said them all about the ad shooting. She was thrilled; many congratulated and said they will wait to see Bala on screen.

“Wow Bala, you look like Mr.Perfect man,” the director exclaimed when Bala removed his shirt.
“Sheer dehydration sir, been months that I had normal food. All credits to the trainer,” he said.
“Yeah, I wanted to tell you yesterday about dehydrating your body.”
“Trainer did,” he smiled and walked along with him to the spot.

Hours together he was flaunting his body and the shoot, as usual took hours to complete.
Ashwini was waiting for him and after a long wait, he stepped in all tired. Her face lit with glee, “Yayyy, how was the shoot? Did you record the video.” she pondered. “Yes, yes, I did,” her father replied entering the home.

“Dad” she raised her brows. “I will prepare dinner,” she said and swiftly moved in when they stopped her stating they had dinner at the shooting spot.

She spent her night replaying the video again and again.
2 Months later, when they aired the new Cinthol ad, her eyes welled. They showed only his bare 6-packs drawing a yellow hint of plus over it.

She smiled ear to ear and looked at him. “My hero,” she thought, and he placed his hand on her head and pat gently.