Voices of the silent creek

Vikkas Arun Pareek’s debut novel. He sent a request using the book review form on my blog to get his book reviewed. The author sent me the eBook of his novel in exchange for an honest review, and here you go!

The novel falls under “general fiction” and “Women fiction” genre. His writing reminded Sudha Murthy’s style and even the story for that matter. A disturbing read, about the issues and nuisance that women faced and are still facing at the rural villages based in India. It swirls around three women and how they get related at one point, what happens to each of them?

The story is about Shanti, the heart-wrenching issues that she faces hit the readers hard. While her younger sister sports braveness. In a village where a Woman is looked upon as sex objects and are used only for branching the family further, giving no importance to her career, passion, life or feelings. What happens to them is the story.

First Impression – Good title and cover. Not attractive enough to pick if I cross on a store. The blurb could have been much better.

Overall Impression – A good read to know the other side of the life. As a modern young woman, I have heard a few stories about the issues the villages sport but the story tore the inhibitions and threw light on what it is, a brave attempt and a convincing book on the issues.

What did I love about the book? – Simplicity and the brutal awakening.

Rating: 3/5

Wow Factors: 1) Depth of emotions 2) Raw facts 3) Lucid 4) Proper connect and flow throughout without any loopholes

Frown Factors: 1) The start talks a lot about the girl having issues with her monthly periods. I hope the author was confused with Puberty and this, so the initial start was clumsy 2) Grammatical errors 3) Story seems stuffed in the middle

My opinion: A good attempt.

To the author: Good start, please research more before you start. Add more clarity, and use better words to express the emotions.
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