Make it 2 – Book Review

Sharada Subramanian’s debut, the blogger who turned an Author. An Intrepid person who talks and writes her mind. I know her personally, but that has nothing to do with this review. Am really honest with the review, I swear.
The novel falls under “Soft-Erotica” and “Romance” genre. The novel, on the whole, portrays the present generation. Yes, the generation that takes all sorts of blame and assumptions by the previous, for being rash with driving, girls who drink and don’t wait for nuptial knots to tear their hymen, et al.
The story is about a guy – the typical US return who wants to marry an Indian girl. He falls in love and all is fine, and then he meets his ex-girlfriend. Her entry confuses him, and he finds it difficult to understand whom he loves? And with whom he should continue his life with? A modern story that clearly differentiates what it takes for a girl to pour her soul onto a guy, and how different is passionate love making from common flings.
First Impression – I love the title and the cover, so apt and lovely.
Overall Impression – There are two strong women portrayed in the story – who handles their life properly through their mind. The conversations in the story add the best value, the complications of their love life thrills the reader. Finally, the final decision by the three brings a smile, satisfaction and, of course, welled-up eyes.
What did I love about the book? – I loved Sharada’s way of knitting the story that doesn’t tag any a hero or a villain. It is such a gladdening read where it doesn’t demean any character for their decisions.
Sharp and extremely well-portrayed dialogues, like “I don’t want a marriage Karthik; I want you,” which steals the heart.
The romance was passionate, and it didn’t smell lust.
Rating: 4/5
Wow Factors: 1) Well-knit characters 2) Right portion of romance written elegantly 3) Vocabulary – The right words were used to explain the emotion.
Frown Factors: 1) Editing could have been better 2) Very desi dialogues that might not reach the global audience. Colloquial enough to catch Indians but some tightening here would have been better. 3) I was looking to read a strong Epilogue that explains the decisions even better and to give a clear idea for those who might find to understand the take away from the book
My opinion: A very good novel that details the present decisions, their decisions, their thoughtfulness and approach towards life. Any of the age 20-35 will love it. A good read for a lovely evening with a cup of coffee.
To The Author: Tight hugs and lots of love, looking forward to read every book of yours in the future.
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