Not Made for Each Other

“What’s all this? why this sudden change?” I asked.
“Well, oh well, I changed?”
“Enough of it, what makes you do this to me?” I raised my brows.
“Fuck, it’s you. You changed, we are not made for each other.”“ how come? after three years?” I stammered
“Look! Don’t blame me, get that? I am just the same all these years, right from my birth. It’s you who changed; I tried adapting as much as I can, and you just didn’t bother to notice how hard I tried to fit. Now, am done!”
“This is insane. You can’t tell me that. I .. I did notice.. but..” I tried to convince and console, but am not that good at relationship management.
“Look, we are done. Take your time, and I will be here for you. Let’s see!”
“What the fuck? how long will you take?” Adithya yelled and knocked my door thrice.
I rushed and opened the door; he scanned me top to bottom.
“What skirt is this? All pink and white.” he furrowed.
“My jeans didn’t fit, its tight da,”
“One more time you tell me I didn’t fit you, I will rip you apart,” I heard from my jeans lying on the coach.
“Okay, okay!” I pacified my jeans and turned to the confused look of Adithya. “I’ve put on weight. I tried hard, but the Jeans didn’t fit me..” I mumbled.
“Where are we heading? McD?” he asked taking his helmet.
“Subway, please?” I raised my brows and pouted.
Objects on the mirror appear closer than they appear, he smiled and wore the helmet.