The Face and those eyes!

July 27th, 2015 10:00 PM
The lights were off, and the AC was on, I cuddled with my teddy bear and turned to my left. I slightly opened my eyes, and a face caught my attention. The face had sharp eyes, salt and pepper hair style that was unique, a sharp nose and wrinkled face with a thin jaw line. The eyes kept staring at me, It took me back so along with my teddy I took an 180-degree turn to face the wall. The face was still on my mind. Clean and clear, It definitely stared at me. Lying in the same position, I turned my head to see the book, my cheeks well dug on the cozy pillow. I blinked 5 times, I remembered the LASIK surgery that sometimes blurs my eyes due to dryness. Now the eyes didn’t stare but looked thick with an enchanting smile, the smile that we all sport when we see kids. I felt better that moment. Tried to turn back to my position and fell on the pillow upfront, I sniffed my pillow for its fragrance and settled. The face still running at the back of my mind.
July 28th, 2015 3:30 AM
I coughed unusually. I woke and searched for a water bottle at random and Picked my mobile instead, and the notifications distracted me. After a while, the wifi turned off as usual, and I fell back to my pillow. I was more curious, I jerked and turned to see the book. It furrowed now, huh? I thought and smiled. “What’s in it?” I thought, and remembered the horror movie that I saw in the afternoon with my boyfriend, horrific than the film.
8:00 AM
“Good Morning beautiful,” I read his message. I called him quickly and narrated the incident, he laughed heartily. He said he will take me to another horror movie tomorrow. Out of curiosity, I walked to my bookshelf to see the book. It read “Wings of Fire” and I sighed at the cover. “Hey, did you know? Abdul Kalam passed away yesterday. You never watch the news, right?” he asked. “What?” I blurted and looked at the book, the eyes winked.