The Bestseller She Wrote – Book Review

A bestseller book by a bestseller about a bestseller. I have not read any of Ravi Subramanian’s previous books, ‘The Bestseller she wrote,’ is the first. Heard a lot about him and his books, bought a copy at crosswords, Chennai.
The book falls under ‘Romance’ and ‘Thriller’ genre. The book is about a girl name Shreya who aspires to become an author when she gets a chance to befriend Aditya, bestselling author of India, the aspiration catches fire. Soon, the manuscript goes to print, and their friendship turns into an affair. What happens next? What Aditya’s wife Maya does? Whether Aditya resolves the issues or not, is the story’s polished glimpse, but yes the book has lots more that I am not going to reveal.
I have my reasons to buy this book. 1) I am writer 2) I am a published author 3) I suffered similar heartbreak as of Maya and survived the same storm – So am a bit of Shreya, Adithya, and much more of Maya.
First Impression: Beautiful cover, intriguing title, and I love the quality of westland publishers. So no wonder that I picked a copy. I loved the blurb; it was inviting me to read.
Overall Impression: A very well-written story. The book is about 400 pages and for the first 150 odd pages, it’s subtle and slow romance.
Unlike other novels where the first day the protagonists smile at each other and the next day they make out, ‘The Bestseller She Wrote’ gives away much to read. The intensity and adequate give and take between the two involved are very well portrayed. Though slow, Ravi Subramanian sir wins here. Next, you just keep reading the book and the story has already pulled to the thrilling area without the reader’s consciousness. Suddenly, I felt like ‘Hey, I was reading something romantic yar, now it is taking a turn’, and the fabric he wove with his trickiness proves that he is born with a pen that writes thrillers. Writers/Authors will like this book for sure with the nuances of the publishing world being revealed here and there, brings a smile for sure.
What did I love about the book? – Maya’s character, well-woven with poise and elegance. Shreya’s character – powerful is the word. When Aditya stumbles between the two, the book gives away an important message, so as not to mess with a woman. Be it with the loyal or betrayer. The twist was good and the slight touch of the evidence that a reader fails to notice initially, but when brought back lets one raise their brows to the hairline.
Rating – 4/5
Wow Factors: 1) The characters are given enough life 2) Style carried throughout 3) How Aditya gets to find the motive behind and the details were powerful, especially the confronting part before the book launch. All at once, it gushed out like a Tsunami taking the reader on an unexpected ride.
Frown Factors: 1) Cliched moments and characterizations. Shreya’s childhood pointed for being what she is, Maya’s sickness that leads to Aditya’s realization, Doing something for the society in the end sounded normal. Could have been better. It makes me question what if Maya is normal, won’t Aditya come back?  2) A bestselling author taking a real long time to understand being used was a turnoff, since infidelity plays a role, it could have been twisted even better as a give & take policy. Letting Aditya turn a fool questions his intelligence and stator 3) The reason that Shreya blurts for her act weighs less, really less. Throughout the story, though illegal and infidel, her mind, and heart wanted to live her life with Aditya. She even wanted to marry him, but the sudden twist for a reason so feeble didn’t convince me as a reader. 4) The TOI prompt from this book, kept off the guessing game in the first half of the book. I knew what was coming.
Having said that, I did enjoy the book regardless of the above frown pointers.
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