That Non-refundable Smile

Nov 2nd, 2015
Her eyes gleamed and widened like a well-fed fat fish.
Awww! She exclaimed like the beauty contest winners.
“For me?” she asked, raising her brows that drew beautiful crinkles like beach waves on her forehead.
I stood rooted and when she smiled again looking at my eyes, I regained my consciousness. “OMG, that was a giant wheel ride,”I thought.
She pursed her lips to control the excitement and blush, but lucky me, her cheeks turned red that signaled the joy.
“Yeah, for whom else? you think I have another woman in my life,” I asked her with a chuckle.
“Umm,” she faked a frown and took the elegant pink box from my hands.
I saw the reflection of the bangles in her hands through her black grape pupils. It looked the best; I wanted to click a picture of her eyes through a DSLR. Stylori will steal the picture paying me much; I thought like the typical miser that I have been, all my life.
“Try it,”I told her.
“Ha.. haa.., okay,” that kind of annotation one could die for. I thought, how did I miss seeing this happiness. Oh, I guess this is the first gift am giving her after one year of marriage life. Poor lady!
She frowned and furrowed. “Errr. Ewww.,” she whimpered.
“Wha.. what?” I asked.
“Its not fitting me,” She frowned.
“OMG! I am so sorry. I thought it will fit you, this was the last piece available, actually.” I said. Good, keep going, you’re acting well, I told myself.
“I will try using the soap, It would let the bangle slid in,” she tried to move.
“but.. if.. it doesn’t fit even then, I can’t return at ease. Stylori takes returns but without any change to the original. Just in case, if anything happens to the bangle.. you know..” I dragged but managed not to show that am desperate to return it.
“Hmmm,” she exhaled and handed the bangles. The disappointment was a tough pill to swallow. “Get me some coffee,” I told to distract her.

I logged into my WordPress and narrated the exuberance in the most poetic way. One of the best narrations ever, I thought to myself. I should win this, 5000 INR is a big deal, I thought.

“This entry is a part of the Stylori – jewellery from the Heart contest organized in partnership with the Chennai Bloggers Club,” I completed my post with this sentence.

“Coffee!” she said and stretched her hand. I took the coffee mug and looked at her plain hands, the only time I saw them accessorized was during our wedding.

Take a bow, why don’t you form a cheapskate club. How can you just do this?” the angel within spoke as usual, this time I stumbled to turn a deaf ear.

I am not a poet, I have to experience to write something,” I tried to convince myself. “But, you can’t disappoint someone. You ordered something with a motive to participate in a content. Don’t misuse the easy refund policy, I bet you’ll regret when you win the contest.” the angel continued

Before I could change my mind, I clicked the next tab and navigated from the refund to the exchange page, selected 2.8 the right size of her bangles. They will ship in a day, she will be happy. Let me not disclose, I thought.

Sometimes, it’s worth it, I thought.

Nov 29th, 2015

“Yaayyy,” I heard her screaming with joy.
When she clapped hard wearing those tingling bangles for the first time. I lost myself in the crowd.
“How do you feel winning the contest Vishnu?” the emcee asked.
“Contest? No, I just wrote what I saw,” I looked back at my wife and penned a poem in mind. This time it was real, my inner angel smiled with all heart.


Hidden Husband – Book Review

Shikha Kaul – An acquaintance, and she sent me a copy for review.
The novel falls under “Romance” and “Women fiction” genre. The novel is titled “Hidden husband” that gives the hint of the high concept of the story. Yes, it is about a girl from the girl’s POV about a marriage that the world never gets to know. What happens to the marriage? The hidden husband? What they do further? Why the marriage has to be hidden? Are all answered in the book.

First Impression – Apt title, a beautiful cover, and a job-done-well blurb. Giving away what it should. A book that a woman would pick when crossed.
Overall Impression – The book has lot to say. Undoubtedly, a good read. The book is from a girl’s POV, so what more you expect? Yes, it has all the Scribblings that a girl does in her mind like crazy. Aisha – her first love, her first marriage, her first sexual encounter with her first husband who did wait for it without plunging before the knot, the heartbreak et al.
What did I love about the book? The high concept is simple. However, the book has a good count of humanity related giveaways. The looped in concepts were good, it didn’t feel unnecessary. Dialogues were good. I loved a few dialogues personally.
He was the darkest, yet the brightest side of me
The number of the skeletons in my closet was increasing a marriage, a husband and now a divorce
Rating: 4/5
 Wow Factors: 1) Good concept 2) The neat exploration of what actually happens to a girl’s mind 3) Vocabulary – simple and stylish, except for a few words were not placed right. A slight tinge of stuffing. 3) Dialogues were handled well; I loved a few personally. Ex: the vows violation that the author explains throughout. 4) The second half of the book
Frown factors: 1) Descriptions and detailing, the book is about 240 pages that had more details about certain parts. If cut short, the story would have been a racy and awe-inspiring read. The first half was dragged much which slowed down my reading process; it was not page turning until you hit the third part of the story. 2) Though other parts were detailed more than required, the pain of abortion and the guilt of not expressing about the hidden husband could have been explored even better.
My opinion: A woman would love this book, and a guy will get to understand the pulse of a woman with this book.
To the Author: I loved the book. I would suggest cutting down the descriptions and detailing and let the reader imagine or understand by themselves.
Grab a copy of the book here – Amazon