Hidden Husband – Book Review

Shikha Kaul – An acquaintance, and she sent me a copy for review.
The novel falls under “Romance” and “Women fiction” genre. The novel is titled “Hidden husband” that gives the hint of the high concept of the story. Yes, it is about a girl from the girl’s POV about a marriage that the world never gets to know. What happens to the marriage? The hidden husband? What they do further? Why the marriage has to be hidden? Are all answered in the book.

First Impression – Apt title, a beautiful cover, and a job-done-well blurb. Giving away what it should. A book that a woman would pick when crossed.
Overall Impression – The book has lot to say. Undoubtedly, a good read. The book is from a girl’s POV, so what more you expect? Yes, it has all the Scribblings that a girl does in her mind like crazy. Aisha – her first love, her first marriage, her first sexual encounter with her first husband who did wait for it without plunging before the knot, the heartbreak et al.
What did I love about the book? The high concept is simple. However, the book has a good count of humanity related giveaways. The looped in concepts were good, it didn’t feel unnecessary. Dialogues were good. I loved a few dialogues personally.
He was the darkest, yet the brightest side of me
The number of the skeletons in my closet was increasing a marriage, a husband and now a divorce
Rating: 4/5
 Wow Factors: 1) Good concept 2) The neat exploration of what actually happens to a girl’s mind 3) Vocabulary – simple and stylish, except for a few words were not placed right. A slight tinge of stuffing. 3) Dialogues were handled well; I loved a few personally. Ex: the vows violation that the author explains throughout. 4) The second half of the book
Frown factors: 1) Descriptions and detailing, the book is about 240 pages that had more details about certain parts. If cut short, the story would have been a racy and awe-inspiring read. The first half was dragged much which slowed down my reading process; it was not page turning until you hit the third part of the story. 2) Though other parts were detailed more than required, the pain of abortion and the guilt of not expressing about the hidden husband could have been explored even better.
My opinion: A woman would love this book, and a guy will get to understand the pulse of a woman with this book.
To the Author: I loved the book. I would suggest cutting down the descriptions and detailing and let the reader imagine or understand by themselves.
Grab a copy of the book here – Amazon

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