Angel of the Dark by Sidney Sheldon. Read the blurb and grabbed a copy from Amazon. Been reading SS since school and, of course, a hardcore fan.
Genre – Thriller as usual
First Impression – Can any complaint about the book cover, title or blurb? One of its kind!
Overall Impression – His formula and mind games are always the best. One can just not decipher his thought process; it was a sheer spine-chilling read. Though, I have seen a few movies that were adapted and altered from this books; still the book was a relish.
What did I love about the book? I love the story; it had a proper start, the similar confusion crimes, proper investigation details, and finally filtering the culprit behind the crimes.
Wow factors 1) Geography followed throughout the book, there are multiple places, and they were followed diligently 2) Sidney’s way of connecting the open threads at the end to ensure the no-nonsense and no-loophole finish 3) Language – Simple and up to his mark.
Frown factors 1) More dramatic than realistic – a few parts were exaggerated and much far from possibility. 2) Investigations could have been detailed better 3) the relationship between Frankie and Sophia was not clear which should have been for the strength that the characters carry throughout. 3) Using the same old first name – last name changes to confuse the readers from figuring out the person.
Grab its copy here – Amazon

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