The Girl on the Train

Bought this book because of my Thriller reading spree. I won a copy.
Genre – Thriller
First Impression: A novel that doesn’t fall under the usual size. The most interesting blurb that would make any pick the book. Best cover as well.
Overall Impression: Not really happy with the ‘Gone Girl’ comparison. Individually the book is a good read for once; I might not read it again. I would vote for the narration and style that the author has handled. Girly enough that any woman would relate to, it was more like a woman spitting every thought via words on a paper. The tangles in her mind, the disturbances, are all well portrayed.
What did I love about the book? – Less count of characters, a screaming confusion throughout that makes one read. I don’t know if men would like it or enjoy the way that a woman would do.
Rating: 3/5
Wow Factors: 1) Narration 2) Tangling mental map of woman portrayed very well 3) Storyline – to an extent
Frown Factors: 1) It was difficult for me to switch between the three woman characters. I had Rachel in mind when I read Meghan/Anna and had a tough time to direct my mind. 2) Rachel’s character – It was difficult to analyse her given the details, whether it was a mental illness that she is battling with or just being a plain alcoholic is left unexplored.
Grab a copy here – Amazon

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