The Plot Book

“When Regina was driving, the rain picked speed. She turned on the windshield wipers. All of a sudden, she saw a person standing on the road with a knife. – Her eyes welled up when he blurted out that he wants to marry her – Adopt a baby as she couldn’t conceive a baby..” He flipped the pages of the diary, reading the phrases in every rectangle and connected through numbers like a flow chart.
“What’s this big fat diary all about?” he asked quizzically.
“My plot book, all my scribbling and readings are put together.” I said and gave him coffee that he asked for.
“Too good! Mind-blowing! Wow…! You know? This is nice. What do you call it? Hobby, or passion, or just an interest in writing? Whatever it may be, it is so nice, a nice part of you!” he exclaimed.
I pulled my plot book from his hand, threw it behind me and adjusted to sit comfortably to start a conversation. It went on for hours. I love these ever interesting topics that we discuss. Anything and everything around the world takes its own part in our conversation. From my pet squirrel to the recently read book, from a mutual friend’s love story to another’s divorce, from a smile to frown to love and hate, just everything!
“They are seeking for you, right? Give that person this plot book. If he says wow, marry him. Else, a big no.” He said, trying hard to balance on one leg wearing his right leg’s socks.
He climbed down, two steps at a time. He stopped and looked up at me, I waved my hand with a smile, but his facial expression hinted that he is about to tell something. My brows knit asking ‘what.’
“If at all you missed, I did say ‘wow’ when I read your plot book,” He said and ran down the rest of the steps before I could even bat my eyes.
I went inside smiling, picked my plot book and flipped till I reached the empty page and wrote ‘He said wow,’ and knocked my head for being such a mean writer.