Tell a Thousand Lies – Book Review

Kirtida Gautam sent me ‘Tell a Thousand Lies’ as a gift on Rasana Atreya’s birthday. This novel is Rasana’s debut novel. A self-published author who turned down traditional publishing offers, isn’t that interesting? There is more via the book, though!
Genre – Coming of Age
First Impression – I should say, I loved the cover. In fact, all her novel covers are pick-worthy. I love the titles as well.
Overall Impression – Worth reading. Though the cover image and title mislead me as a reader that the novel might travel along the lines of an ugly looking girl turning all the more beautiful for her husband to fall head over heels, Rasana does the magic. She changed every single detail that might run in the reader’s mind. It was as if Rasana held a microscope watching what the reader might think after every chapter, and deliberately changed every single detail that gives a sweet shock.
What did I love about the book? 1) The narration – she is a poem. So detailed and creative descriptions that I kept smiling without a choice. 2) I love reading old-school type novels, and this book just satisfied my thirst. Am done with the book that are too modern for my type. As a South Indian, I was able to relate a lot to the book. The places, the issues, and thought process of a south Indian village girl was crystal clear are near perfect. 3) The character pullamma – a dark girl, but I bet, as you read she will look all the more beautiful!
Rating: 4/5
Wow Factors: 1) Srikar’s character – it would make any fall in love with. I was afraid that the happy living part might mess when I kept reading. 2) The exact details of issues by a girl who is taller and darker than expected, the witch stereotypes, the play of those in villages to attain their post – so real.
Frown Factors: 1) Lengthier, could have been a bit crispier. It gave it a more of serial feel than a novel. 2) A few cliched characters here and there
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