Sip of Coffee

I picked my coffee mug; his was already near his lips. I strained my brows to look at him without slipping my lips from the mug. It was heavy, that I used my right hand to hold the mug and place it on the table.
 “Lefty?” he asked.
Hmm,” I nodded.
Won’t talk much? How about some music? Selena Gomez? You like…” he asked.
Hmmm, okay!” I had to strain my neck to see him, but he was busy fidgeting the stack of cds.
What music you like?” he asked to keep the flow.
Your noisy sip of coffee” I thought.
Tell Me Something I Don’t Know,” he said. That took me aback; I threw and somehow settled placing the coffee mug back in its place and wiped my mouth with the back of my palm. “Huh,” I asked startled.
What? Song from Selena album,” he said.
Hahn, okay,” I exhaled more than enough carbon-dioxide and nodded sideways. He laughed and smiled lopsided.