Khel – The Writing – Book Review

I received a review copy of the book from the author paradise.
Genre – Horror
My second horror this year, it is a novella of just 140 pages which made me wonder how the author managed to do it. I did like the book, so here is the review!
First Impression – The cover image was quite dull indeed, didn’t impress me but the blurb did. I would call it the synopsis of the novel itself, upon reading it, I couldn’t wait to start reading the book.
Overall Impression – It did send chills down my spine. A compelling read! A different take with nice twists sprinkled that glues the reader throughout.
What did I love about the book? – The ending was good. Thanks to the author, one of the finest and abrupt ending, which gives food for thought. I loved it for sure. A few peculiar instances, did give shrills and was an interesting read.
Wow Factors – 1) Simple and lucid language 2) decent twists than expected 3) A horror in just 140 pages is definitely a wow, kudos to the author
Frown Factors – 1) Grammar, sentence structure – a horror read with such mistakes is a definite no-no 2) Repeated sentences like “sending chills down the spine” was a turn off while reading 3) Improper comparisons and the use of “like” 4) Most of the instances reminds a few horror movies and the likes 5) Cliched throughout with the use of rain and darkness, could have given a different try
Ratings: 3/5
Note to the author –an Ace editor will do wonders to your work!
Grab a copy here – Amazon