Being the Mashed Potatoes

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Happened to visit an Italian cuisine restaurant, I didn’t understand a word, so I settled asking for some dish that had mashed potatoes. When the dish arrived I was totally excited, because it had a variety of yummy baked vegetables, noodles, cheese and just a scoop of mashed potatoes. I wondered, why the dish is suffixed “with mashed potatoes” instead of bell peppers, or zucchini, or paprika, etc..
Likewise, in life, even when you have nothing to do with something, without your knowledge you get tagged along. Even when you are simple, and have no clue about anything happening around, stones are pelted. In the recent times, I resonate a lot with these mashed potatoes. I was not involved in something, I had nothing to do about it, end of the day the saucy, racy, minced and hot conversations pepped but without contributing to the conversation, I became the “mashed potatoes”
World is full of complicated people, and manipulators who try their best to complicate others life and manipulate things that were not in one’s mind. This also reminds me the recent movie released, where the protagonist would just call a friend and ask him to be careful regarding a murder in his town and the whole story would take a turn when the friend manipulates and blames the protagonist for the murder.
I don’t understand why people don’t live and ensure they never let the other live in peace.
However, what they talk about me defines them better, isn’t it? When I walked in with my friend to a shopping mall for his birthday shopping, we saw many a shirts. A few had floral designs that we laughed upon, a few had pockets that made us screw our face, a few shirts’ colours threw us aback. When I picked a shirt, he asked “seriously?” and vice versa. But, End of the day, the brand is a brand. Even if you laugh at a few designs sometimes, the brand will always be the same and you’re a slave who spends the hard earned money to buy a shirt. The brand also defines you when you walk out wearing the shirt, isn’t it?


Umpteen can backbite, kid you, look down and raise their brows, but your standards will never change. In fact, those around must be matured enough to understand their level. Just pretty glad that it was an opportunity to understand them, as always, karma is a bitch and life by itself would teach them a lesson.
Adios, let’s avoid toxic people who poison our days with unnecessary thoughts. Few don’t just stop painting their nails and lips, but their lives as well.