Soul Warrior (The Age of Kali #1)

Received the e-book from the book club in exchange for an honest review, and here you go! Mythology is my recent addiction and I am falling in love with that genre, and this book added more fuel to my greed of reading more mythology. Awe-struck is an understatement!
Genre – Mythology
First Impression – pretty cover that attracts instantly and the blurb just pulls you to read the book. And the very first word that you read is “Death” – “Death is hot” which makes the reader raise their brows with a smile. A very promising impression which says, “Am the book that you should read,” and yes, kept up till the end.
Overall Impression – One of the best books I have read in the recent times. This is the first book that painted a beautiful camouflage of Gods and ancient India with the modern world. It was enchanting and a fresh read which is powerful and believable, than the normal movies that portray God walking down the street or ordering a pizza types which though funny doesn’t touch you. Soul warrior is a show-stealer. I loved the thought process of the author Falguni and the way she handled the freedom to write a story that gives food for imagination. Not many authors attempt it.
Rating: 5/5
What did I love about the book? 1) The extremely convincing blend of modern India and mythology characters 2) Falguni’s humour sprinkles that makes one smile ear to ear
Wow Factors: 1) Diction – best choice of words ever 2) Editor has done a commendable job
Frown Factors: 1) Pace dropped at a few points, 2) Descriptions fell short as well, either it was too much to take or related, am unable to decipher