An evening with Author Shikha Kumar

Months back at my office premises when I had to perform a standup comedy for a few minutes, I said, “you know what I imagined when I started writing a book? It would be like Writer-Author-Book Reviewer-Public Speaker-Host-VJ-celebrity but then in reality what I actually happened to do was to write leave letters for my friends.”
But then, life has its own way of swinging a magical wand that conspires what you actually wanted to do. On a busy or rather lazy work day, as usual, I was texting my fellow CBC buddies on whatsapp. Bragadeesh Prasanna – admin of the Chennai bloggers club pinged me asking if I would “Host” a book launch event, I sent him a ‘roll-my-eyes’ smiley but then I was happy that something that I wanted to do came my way. Though my command over language and grammar slips when it comes to accent as a student from an Anglo Indian board school, I can pull it off easily.
When he told that the event is for Author Shikha Kumar who is coming down to Chennai to launch her second book “Logically stupid, that’s love,” I was all thrilled.
The next week, I was busy getting to know more about Shikha, her first book, the reviews and the list of questions to ask.
Being an ambivert, I can only talk and mingle with people that I can feel comfortable with, right now in my life after a few close friends who knows me in and out, it is my CBC buddies with whom I find some congenial company.
Though I had my own set of questions to ask when I met shikha kumar, the bloggers and I started questioning her one after the other based on the conversation.
It was great to hear how she accidentally turned an author, she stated “Reading a few best sellers, I thought, I can write much better than these folks,”
To see the stubborn shade of Shikha when she explained how choosy she is with the title, cover, publication and the indulgence of editor was indeed inspiring. She also said she is happy with the traditional route of publishing when I asked her about self-publishing as a better choice. A few of us also grabbed copies of her book as an autographed copy is worth much more right? She is one author I look up at when it comes to marketing the book the right way and with her second she has taken another great step with Book tours in the major cities of India.
I also had the opportunity to give a video review of her book with what I read, though a detailed review would follow in my blog.
Here are a few pictures from the event!


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Wishing all the very best to Shikha on behalf of the Chennai bloggers club, thanks for choosing us to help you with the book tour.  You can connect with Shikha here or through her website.
I would also like to thank Bragadeesh Prasanna, Mahesh Lakshmanan and Sindhu JP – admins of the Chennai bloggers group for providing me the opportunity to host this event. If you’re looking for a blog tour or brand positioning, you can reach the admins through the website.

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