Sands of Time – Neelam Saxena Chandra

First Impression – I was excited when I read about the author, for the list of awards and recognition she has received. It did made me raise my brows initially. I was disappointed with the quality of the paperback, it made reading difficult. I was not impressed with the cover image or the title either; I started reading with the author’s esteemed position in mind.
Received this book via the book club in return for an honest review, The book has 12 short stories that are based on issues faced by women and has time as a parameter through which the travel of each story is weaved.
Genre – Women fiction, short stories
Overall Impression – Stories were good, the kind of emotional play attempted and the struggle a few women go through is explored pretty well. I didn’t get the total punch of emotions hitting me hard, but the stories were bit predictable, and that being the reason, I found the stories bit lengthier as well.
The stories revolve around important issues that are to be considered, be it the education and career a woman should possess, the kind of empowerment required and the sexual awareness necessary to at least know what is happening to one as a kid, is properly explored yet not pretty powerful as expected.
Rating: 3/5
Wow Factors: 1) Issues involved 2) Simple and lucid language
Frown factors: 1) the quality of the paperback, the author should consider the right publishers next time. 2) Diction and phrases could have been better; it was more like a essay than a story. The necessary word play and quality of dialogues were missing big time.