My Dream Man – Aditi Bose – A review

Received the book directly from the author of the novel for a honest review.
First Impression – I was not satisfied with the title and the cover, as it resembled more of a sex position to me (Am I so corrupted?) nevertheless, just being honest. The font was way too smaller which made reading a bit difficult, could have been better. The paper quality was good thought.
Overall Impression – The blurb anticipated my expectation but the story didn’t match it as such. The author has a good style and diction, the way the story flows and her way of handling the knowledge is good for a debut. Though, the story didn’t resonate with me as much as the blurb did. The initial character introduction for about 18 pages could have been cut short, and there were various other redundancies as well which could have been tightened with a good beta-reader.
The negatives make the book a skimming read than a line-by-line read. With the capability the author has, if she picks a better plot and a storyline that reveals a few twists, I think it would be a super win. There were a few instances which were abnormal, but had no cushioning details to accompany. To call a person the dream man would actually take a lot, the character falling for someone so older for age and few other details didn’t fit it and also, didn’t help the story to take any twist.
Being a writer, the way the protagonist feels bad for manuscript rejections were something that one could feel closer to, still the same could have been explored much more with realistic details.
Rating: 2.5 / 5
Wow factors: 1) Simple language 2) Diction 3) Style
Frown factors: 1) Storyline was not up to the mark 2) Lengthier for the context with redundant details
Looking forward to read a even better book from the author.

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