The Mismatch

She cried because she was single but pregnant,
He cried because he cannot adopt a kid,
I crossed a woman who hit her kid and yelled “If I had known before, I would have killed you while in the womb,”
Another woman sobbed holding her reports near the scanning center,
He was sad because third kid was consecutively a male, whereas he dreamt of a princess,
She frowned as the doctor told “It’s a girl baby,” before she dozed off after delivery.
She called her boyfriend and told “Looks like the condom didn’t work,”
He hugged his wife and told “its okay, let’s try next month,” when the pregnancy kit displayed one strike instead.
Dear God, why this mismatch?

27 thoughts on “The Mismatch”

  1. hmmm. what we deeply desire is given to another who doesn’t appreciate that gift as much as we might have.

    I especially wondered about the two lines where the man wants a princess daughter, and the woman frowns when she has got a daughter… what if it had been the other way round? would the kids and the parents have been much happier?

    thought provoking piece, Kavipriya.


  2. Great kavi!!!!!!! …we all think about all these things in life ,but we never thought of presenting it lyk ths ….tats the mismatch between u and us …tats ur own uniqueness …..keep going kavi. The thing which hit my mind when i read ths article is the boy child will be weak in studies but he will be given the best education .but the girl child will be top rank holder yet parents are not ready to spend for her education calculating her marriage expenditure


  3. I believe it is related to contentment and happiness about the gifts you are given. Some people don’t appreciate the love children give; others are painfully aware because they cannot have their own children. I pray for couples facing this painful situation. Thanks for sharing this poignant post.


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