Finding Lyla – Book Review

Received this book from Book reviews in exchange for an honest review.
First impression – Having read Justice for Abby, I had set my expectation bars higher. The cover was absolutely stunning indeed. And the title was also pretty attracting to know what’s in there to devour. The blurb was intriguing and I started reading the book almost instantly, after Justice for Abby.
Overall Impression – Cate Beauman is near perfect with her style of writing, I was able to connect with her style and it was good to read her books back to back having fallen in love with her writing already. A very interesting book that’s well-knit with equal importance to romance and suspense in one go.
What I loved about the book? – Definitely the story line, it was pretty interesting to read it. Nice diction, language and vocabulary that would help budding writers to learn from. It was a sheer pleasure to read a character which is totally fleshed out. The author gives life to the character that it makes you feel like you know that character for so long. This seldom works for others, but Cate looks like a pro at it.
Frown factors: 1) Lengthier – this makes the book, skim worthy in places 2) Indeed slower than the previous read of mine, a more crispier and racy pace would have been great.
Rating : 4/5

From Kavipriya to Preethi – Thank you!

For the world knows Kavipriya Moorthy as a budding author, a frank blogger and a good friend for a few, none knows “Preethi” who is within her. For Preethi is an old school type, a thorough introvert who curls in and opens her heart only to help Kavipiya get through things easily. There are three reasons for penning this note of thanks – firstly, the trigger being the Artisan way where Radhika sent an email to write a note of thanks to oneself. Secondly, the Chennai Bloggers Club post asking to write about women for International Women’s day and third, I wanted to write this!

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Thank you Preethi, thanks a lot!
When you prompted me to choose that nice knitted dress even when it didn’t make it to the first under the “Low to High” filter that I chose.
When you said “it’s going to hurt you bad,” when I held a knife on my wrist to end life once for all.
When there were a few who laughed at me when I picked a pen, you were right there asking to hold on and to work more. You picked me a few books to read and know what, many out there have read mine.
Thanks a lot that you asked me to walk faster when I can’t run and to walk slowly when I can’t walk and the best, was to stop and sit down when I felt dizzy.
Thanks for being there when I chose a cheesecake, you know that I love it more than the rolled oats don’t you?
Thanks for giving me the courage to get into controversies and speak my mind, even when Ajay didn’t want me to.
You told me he wasn’t worth it, when he really wasn’t and you told me its ok to stalk him and smile at the memories when I felt like it.
You keep narrating a story when I drive alone, you tell me when to open up and when to seal.
When the world fakes a smile at those whom they don’t like to talk to, you gave me the courage to say “I hate you” to them and block them for life.
When other beautiful girls judge me even when all they know me is hardly a year or so, and call whatever they want behind my back, you told me not to open up what I went through for they are not worth it. You told me they wouldn’t have survived what I went through.
You asked me to smile and say no to most of the things that doesn’t interest me. You asked me to stay quiet, when I really had to.
You are more like a karate master to me, you set my bars and watch me break one by one, each being tougher than the first.
Even when I felt like a fool for shamelessly loving someone like a puppy dog, but who left me for someone not worth it, you told me that I can’t hate but to be the same loving dog.
When I chose being friends with someone whom the world alarms about and even bitches about, you told me to go ahead and not to be opinionated.
When I chose to alter what sex means to me; those who chose it otherwise called me a loser. They thought they were either 2 states Alia Bhatt or Piku Deepika Padukone. You told me it’s ok to be a loser when they see me through their eyes.
Thanks Preethi for being the voice of guidance, thanks a lot for choosing to stay among those who walk in and walk out of my life.
Thanks for all your “It’s ok”, “That’s fine”, “Chuck that”, “Yes! He is hot, but he won’t reciprocate so forget” and also dancing like a cheerleader when I win and being the pillow when I cry upon.
Thank you,