Heart of Bullets – Book Review

Received this book from the author in exchange for an honest book review.
First Impression: Apt title and a good cover that makes the book pick-worthy, and the blurb keeps up the promise as expected.
Overall Impression: Having read Nikhil’s first two books, I see the author taking the right track with this novel as he has explored more about the life of a soldier. I liked the way the story travelled throughout and the insight of the life that a soldier’s life is explored pretty well. It is a deep dive through tough times of loneliness, which makes the read a heart wrenching experience.
However, the love story was not a worthy read as such, and the book is pretty lengthy which makes it a slow read. The pace dropped substantially which made reading the book a tough deal, though small poems peppered all over did help. The story of heart-wrenching emotions turned very Bollywood in the end which was unlikely.
What I love about the book?
  • Poems as usual – a fan of his
  • Details about the army and soldiers
Frown Factors:
  • Editing has gone for a big toss – a good editor would have done wonders to the book.
  • Very lengthy for the plot – a proper editor would have cut down good chunks.
Rating: 2.5/5

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