Right Fit Wrong Shoes – Book Review

Ratings: 2/5
Received this book on behalf of the book club in exchange for an honest review.
First Impression: A novel published by Rupa Publications, I have always loved their paper and cover quality. The title, cover and blurb caught my attention instantly and I predicted a full-fledged chick-lit story.
Overall Impression: A slice-of-life story, but it didn’t resonate much as it sounded more Bollywood type. For a typical person like me, who doesn’t know Hindi – this book looked like a target oriented one. The characters were a bit clichéd and there were too many characters in the story to keep in mind.
A could-have-been-better kind of a story! Frowned much and hence it took a real long time to complete the book. Lacked pace much and I guess some beta-reading and some ace editing would have done much better!
What did I love about the book?
  • Good language
  • Cover, blurb and the paper quality – without a doubt
  • The chemistry between the characters were good enough
Frown Factors:
A slow read even if the novel is about the right size, it sounded as if its a long book when reading it
Editing should have been better – didn’t expect this from Rupa publications though
Though the story is well narrated and characters were doing good in their parts, it somehow didn’t work with me.
Hindi words throughout slowed down the pace of reading to a great extent, I would request the author to write in English totally to cover the pan India audience as such

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