A for Agatha Christie #AtoZChallenge

Agatha Christie – a very well-known household name, isn’t it? One of the finest authors ever! Yes, this post is about Author Agatha Christie.
One of my most favorite authors, not just to me, but for most who love reading books, nevertheless, Mystery and thrillers are the best hot picks ever.
Why you should read Agatha Christie book?
  • If you want to play hide and seek in your mind – her books are your solace
  • If you are traveling and are looking for quick reads that would keep you busy for the next few hours – Pick her book without any second thoughts
  • Her characters are almost alive, ardent readers would never think that they are fiction – especially Poirot and Marple
  • Her books are best of the lot with simple and lucid language ever, that are mostly grammatically right – if you want to improve your language for better, pick her books
  • She carves beautiful characters with descriptions that would paint the character on the back of your mind
  • I bet – you can never find the murderer!
Are you an author who needs inspiration? – Her first book took five years to get published and also it was rejected by six publishers.
Any mediocre library is one, only if they have stacked her books.
All her books and novels are the best, if you would like to pick a few right away, here are a few recommendations that I loved reading!
  • Murder on the orient express – I loved this novel – Story line: One gets killed in a train, and the detective picks the clues left at the crime scene, investigates the travelers and finds out the murderer.
  • And Then There Were None – Oh! This novel would fool you literally. Read on to find
  • The murder of Roger Ackroyd – A must read, period!
  • Collection of short stories with Poirot as the main lead
Almost all her books are bestsellers indeed!
If you’re an ardent reader/writer – you can never ever miss her whodunit books.            Read her books to understand the main elements of a crime novel. Her books shape the essential ingredients of a thriller with essential thrills and hints that would make sense once you are done with the novel. To plot and write a thriller/crime novel with nil loose-ends, you already know whose books to choose.
So, what are your favorite Agatha Christie books? – Comment the same, let’s go book binging!

21 thoughts on “A for Agatha Christie #AtoZChallenge”

  1. My first book of Agatha Christie was murder on the orient express , that to recommend by you . It was an awesome crime thriller . Till the last few pages I could not guess the killer . Sure in future I would read more of Agatha Christie ….

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  2. Personally, I think no crime suspense reader has come close to matching Agatha Christie. She was a master story teller who knew the art of keeping her readers involved and guessing. I am a huge fan!

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  3. Agatha Christie was the first adult author we read after we graduated from Enid Blyton. Now when I read her mysteries, I find them quite childish and wonder how one little village could have so many murders! But you are right about them being an easy read especially for a long, train journey


  4. Whoa…so glad I found your blog, such a prolific writer you are..Thanks to A2Z challenge I came here and now I am hooked. Started from this one and will read through your rest, and yes Agatha Christie is a big big favourite of mine too.

    It will mean a lot if you can stop by and share your thoughts on my blog and the short stories for the A2Z Challenge :

    @Subhmohanty from
    And Life Unfolds…

    A * Alone >> B * Butterfly >> C * Curry >> D * Dance >> E * Edge >> F * Forest >> G * Grin >> H * Homecoming >> I * Ink >>

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