Twists of Fate – Priyanka Naik

Received the book from the author in exchange for an honest review.
First Impression: I loved the blurb, because it reminded me my other two best friends from school days. Apt title, yes! But the cover could have been better. As much as I love the message conveyed using a sand clock – it didn’t fit in the cover as expected. An experienced cover designer – would have been better. This book, based in Mumbai, travelled along with me in Chennai, yet, took me to Mumbai virtually. That’s how enticing the book is! I remember my friend Solomon Manoj recommending this book to me, and then, somehow,  I received the book from the author herself. So I started with good expectations and bang! The book did live up to my expectations
Overall Impression: Priyanka Naik stands tall with a decent debut with the choice of genre, story, style of writing. I have been reading too many Indian debuts and was bothered, but, with this book, I indeed felt good reading it. Such a heartwarming slice-of-life novel! Kudos! There’s nothing in this book that one might hate but relate.
No matter how old you are now, this story will take you to your teenage and adolescence. You would see yourself with your two best friends posing and enacting the story, I bet!
What I loved in this book?
  • Storyline
  • The way she handled writing three different characters with the distinguishing character sketch
  • Lucid yet good diction peppered language
  • Proper grammar and tight writing
  • Bang on – a proper vein runs right from childhood of the three friends who turn soul-sisters, and go through the usual Indianized pattern life. They fall in love, get married, stick to their career goals, but what twists and turns life throws, and how they handle takes you through their life
Frown factors:
  • For the storyline chosen, the book is a bit lengthier. A bit more scissoring, would have left the best impression
  • Book cover – didn’t impress at all
Definitely an author that Indians can look upon, Priyanka Naik has great talent and am sure she will do great with her upcoming novels because she throws in her heart while writing a novel. Her passion for writing is well portrayed with her debut.
If you’re looking for a heart warming read – let the book be “Twist of Fate”

C for Chapters #AtoZChallenge

Let’s say that your book is handed over to a good number of folks and you give them ten minutes each, all they can do is to read any one chapter of your novel. Post ten minutes, you grab away the book from them. How many of them do you think will buy the book?
  • More often, people start reading the first chapter. So it is important to write a compelling opening chapter
Writing Chapters that hook your reader to the novel – shall we dive deep?
  • Don’t bother to introduce the characters. Just imagine that all your characters are interacting in a room – your readers enter the room out of the blue! Will the characters stop to introduce themselves to your reader? – NO. Your reader will stand there and try to figure out what they are talking, and mentally figure out who is who. But, if the interaction between your characters are not interesting – your reader will exit
  • One proven method is to start off with a hot interaction or a verbal fight between your characters
  • Write the soul scene of the novel – the one that grips the entire novel
  • Write the most interesting scene, don’t bother repeating it in the novel at a later stage
  • Start with a scene that would leave questions in the mind of your reader
  • Writing conflicting scenes – write a sequence and pick the next unexpected, to surprise your reader
What to write in the first chapter though!
The above pointers say about the first scene or rather a page, but what next?
  • Give utmost importance to editing and proofreading here, because, once your reader thinks this isn’t good – flunks!
  • Don’t give unnecessary detailing or description right in the first chapter – please!
  • Introduce the lead character, or the most interesting of the lot in the novel – either a character to empathize or someone utterly different from those we meet day to day for a change, or someone that your reader would like to know more about. Hint: Remind them their ex 😉
  • Reveal the theme of the novel – let the later chapters swirl around the first chapter
  • Ensure that you write your first chapter in such a way that without it, the reader would not understand the rest of the story
  • Write tight – chuck away the adjectives in the first few pages, don’t distract your reader – their mobile phones are already doing it
  • End the first chapter with a cliffhanger – write something that would tickle the curiosity to read more than the first few pages
Write short chapters with a cliff hanger and reveal the mystery further, not necessarily the next. Leave hints that sits somewhere in a corner of your reader’s mind, but never voices out unless you reveal it further while braiding it. Never ever leave a loose-ending. Ensure that your readers expect only the unexpected.
Have you read such books that hooked you and never left your hands? Comment the recent one! Let’s keep it rolling!