E for Ebook Publishing – #AtoZChallenge

E for Ebook Publishing
With the advent of the internet, every frigging thing changed digital and how about books? Yes! It did advance to fit in your desktop screens and hand held devices. This post will get you through the details of Ebook publishing.
One my friend said she spent XXXXX to get her book published on Kindle by a company and I said that I did it for free! If you don’t have time to do the below, yes, you can do it. Because, Time =  Money. But, it will just take about 15 to 30 minutes to do this.
Why Ebook publishing?
  • Free of cost
  • Reaches all over the world
  • Ebook readers are increasing every other day
  • Books are priced cheaper – hence, many would opt to purchase the book
  • You can offer FREE downloads to market the book, and hence reach a number of readers if you’re looking for readership
  • You can update versions without having to spend more
Where do you publish the Ebooks?
  • https://kdp.amazon.com/ – The number ONE place to publish your books
  • https://www.smashwords.com/ – For Indie authors, this site is a paradise. You can upload your manuscript file (formatted as per the rules at Smashwords) and download all other formats (MOBI, EPUB, PDF)
  • iBooks – for iOS devices
  • Barnes and Noble
  • Google Play – for Android hand held devices
  • Kobo – Ereaders and mobile apps for all devices
  • Scribd, rockstand and many new bidsare other Ebook publishers as well
Kindle Publishing
What do you need to publish?
  • Your ready manuscript
  • A cover
  • ISBN (Not Necessary)
  • TAX information (PAN CARD)
  • Bank details (To get your royalty – *minion dance*)
Login to www.kdp.amazon.com and create a profile – Just key in all frigging information it ever asks, and upload your Manuscript.
Note: It is better to upload to ePub version than PDF, it formats better. So, first push the manuscript on www.smashwords.com get the formats, and upload the ePub at Kindle. Tadaaaa! In 24 hours or 48, your book will be available!
The cost of your book – you will have to choose between the standard costs. It is either 0.99$ or more, and accordingly, the royalty and share (either 70% or 35%) based on your choice will be fixed. And every
Amazon gives you 5 days free promotions, you can schedule any date to let free download. This helps in better ranking!
All your sales details will be available right there in your personalized login, and you can check the ranking and reviews on a daily basis.
As an Author, already, you get paid only peanuts. Don’t spend on companies that make use of your naive nature. Please research properly before you go ahead with vanity publishing or other types that asks money upfront.

9 thoughts on “E for Ebook Publishing – #AtoZChallenge”

  1. Thanks for these tips. I had once tried to read up on KDP and it just went around in circles, not making sense of what is to be done. This is very useful.


  2. Kavipriya, my sentiments exactly. If one has written a good book, it will market itself….slowly but surely through reader recommendations. Vanity publishing is a con job on hopeful authors.

    Liked by 1 person

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