Seduced in Spain – Book Review

There are a few books that you would pick not because of the enticing cover, a hooking blurb, or a brow raising title but the Author. This is one such book, being an ardent fan bowled over by all her previous books – Seduced in Spain was already a part of my kitty. I received the review copy ahead from the author as amazon ditched me from pre-ordering.
I wouldn’t call this a review but an experience
My take here:
The opening scene starts off with Emily at Spain, feeling uncomfortable for having met Alejandro. Indeed a very catchy beginning that hooked me right there to know what went wrong. As usual, Devika Fernando bowled me over again and again with her microscopic details and diction with every single word. Wanna read a gist? Here you go!
Her blood was rushing in her ears, and she felt fuzzy as if she had jumped up from bed in the middle of the night. Unblinkingly, she stared at the man, so far yet so close, not hearing what he was saying.
The novel starts off at the right place and details of why, what went wrong, followed by what was done to make it right seduces the reader to dive deep in each sentence, slurping every word and falling in love with ‘seduced in Spain’ all over again!
Emily and Alejandro gets equally meaty roles, Author Devika has beautifully weaved the story with a striking conversation that lead to more of a summer fling which actually is not, every words adds to the transition of ‘not-a-fling’ but much more. Distinctive characters, and virtues of Emily and Alejandro, would want the reader to literally pray for them to get along together-forever.
The plot sounds familiar, but the way it is handled is new and fresh. For those who are done with bloody feministic books or chauvinistic books, this novel would give a clean fresh love story that would even make those who have lost hopes in love to look forward for one. You would start looking for Alejandro or Emily, trust me!
Pace wise, the novel is a bit slower than Devika’s other novels. It was slower enough that you would want to skim though but beautiful enough that you would want to digest the book word by word. A new experience, because, slow books never worked with me but her books do.
Wonderful world building and settings, a virtual Spain tour, yes! Though I felt ‘Saved in Srilanka’ was a much better tour.
Dialogues were new, spicy, peppered with romance and cute lust that makes you want to be Emily to hear Alejandro say those words to you. I loved the emotional play in mind, the butterfly effect in the heart and the throbbing new blood rush to know that someone likes you.
Beautiful craft indeed, it had more of ‘showing’ than ‘telling’ it sounded like literally watching a pair talking to each other.
I would rate this book 4/5 as the pace didn’t work well with me. If you want to read a proper romance, a book set in a different unexplored part of the world, a book with diction, vocabulary and grammar on par with excellence, you already know this book is your pick. Grab a copy, you’ll never regret!