J for Journal #AtoZChallenge

Journal – the long forgotten habit is it? But, do you know, it is pretty helpful when you aspire to become a writer? Yes! This is a late post because I kept looking for the right term for J and I didn’t fish any, I wanted to do B for Blogging but then Blurb stole the show. So here, I would be covering how Journal is helpful, which is blogging in this era.
Maintaining a Journal gives you a story to write
You can either choose a diary or any online free private diary, or as simple as that a word or excel sheet where you can pen down your thoughts. If you’re of a type who aims at writing a book a year, this should work fine. Keep penning down your daily lessons honestly in the journal, the way you were hurt, the way you hurt others, your lessons learn’t, something that you heard from a fellow passenger, etc… End of the year, when you go through it, you might end up with a high concept of a slice-of-life fiction story that you can happily pen down.
A Journal help you to become a better writer, nothing like practice, right? It puts you in the practice of typing every day. Eventually, it will help you to improve your standards of writing and typing speed as well.
This also helps you to reduce the baggage you carry, as soon as you pen down a rant – you are at peace, so why not? As writers, you are already of a type to feel things at the depths of it. So why leave a chance for anything unworthy to stress you?
Unlike stories that are person, blogging is a better way to reach out to people. You start sending vibes to people that you are better in expressing with words, and blogging gives you the necessary attention. You get to meet new fellow bloggers who would help you to hone your skills better with constructive criticism.
Blogging helps you build your audience
Those who like your posts would eventually subscribe to your blog and visit it often with your posts; eventually they turn your target audience who would already know that you’re a good writer even before your first published book.
There are good authors that I know who first started blogging their story initially and then published it as a novel which did well in the market, you can choose to publish a few chapters on your blog to increase the curiosity or to test the waters.
Blogging helps you to curate better feedback from different strata to know where you stand and what is expected from each strata of your target audience. It helps to you write much better or make changes.
You gain more influence and you get acquaintances that will eventually drop by from communities that might help you build a healthy network.

6 thoughts on “J for Journal #AtoZChallenge”

  1. Totally agree with you. I have kept a journal since I was a kid. After college, it was on and off. And now I use it only when I am very upset but can’t actually tell anybody. Great theme for the challenge!

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