M for Marketing #AtoZChallenge

“I have written a good book, many of my friends who read told it is great, the Amazon score touched top 20 in a week, and Goodreads review states 4.0 to 4.5-star rating. Still my book has not reached many, it is not selling well, I don’t know why,” heard this somewhere? Yes! It was your mind talking to your heart or vice versa. Rather, it can also be said to a very close friend who is more like an alter ego.
Before you go through what good marketing is, first understand what marketing scam is.
There is one good method of marketing that out beats all other ways, the one that never costs you a penny, the one that is so traditional and works from day one that the literary world started mushrooming books – well what is it? – Word of Mouth
Yes! There is nothing like a book recommended by a person to another. So, what it takes for one to recommend a book? – Simple, a good book. So the solution – write a good book!
Ok! I see ‘hehhh?’ Smiley there. Fine!
My personal experience with marketing – I kept writing. Better writing. Day by day, it was improving, not that it was just felt by me but all others too. From writing simple love stories to harsh realities, to short poems, and ranting tales, where it started off to convince my conscience that I am a good writer, in turn, it did prove to my friends and acquaintances that I am improving big time. Whenever someone randomly pings asking when my book is scheduled to release, and they are eager to invest 200-250 INR + Shipping to read it, not that one can’t afford 250, it is just half the prize of a big pizza or a cold coffee at CCD. But, this counts, how many just buys a book for the sake of it? Until you’ve proved a point or an author whose name is well-known to the world? Especially, when your book is costlier than Sidney Sheldon or Dan Brown or Nora Roberts, so, here is the tip – keep writing! Keep your circle informed that you are improving with posts and short snippets from your WIP. Micro tales, terribly tiny tales – because none has the time to click open your blog post or rather they are on mobile with a 2G connection. None likes to scroll and read, you only have a few seconds to grab their attention. Do your best!
Create elevator pitches and loglines from your novel and share it across. Kindle the interest and leave questions for your readers to ponder and get to fetch a copy of your book.
Is that all? Yes!
The best type of marketing is writing a good book, proving to the world that you are a good writer and investing money on your book will never make them regret. If you still think these are not the right ways to market – there are links available with 71 ways to market your book and 89+ book marketing ideas available. Google them! All the best 