A Sip of Love and a Sip of Coffee – Book Review

Author Ganga Bharani’s third novel as per records, but this is her first when it comes to Young Adult fiction/Romance.
The novel’s cover looks enticing and the title is so catchy! It is grab worthy, and any who would cross this book in a book store would definitely pick a copy.
As her friend first, I was skeptical about the genre jump and also, asked her to use a pen name instead. I am not a romance or young adult reader, and so, initially I was not so sure if this was a good try for long.


My take on the book:
First and foremost, Ganga Bharani has tried “Interactive Narration” in this young adult novella, a type of narration that is seldom tried in India so I was first impressed with her idea of using it.
The opening scene starts with the school bell, uniforms, black board, and “No enrolled:” and “No Present:” which drew a smile, as it takes the reader back to the school days. It feels so fresh and underpins the nostalgic thoughts.
The novel has three strong characters, “Avanthika, Gowtham and the author” – their goals in the story were very clear, pure, and emotions were so appropriate. The relationship between the characters looks so appropriate and detailed pretty well! Usually, it is pretty difficult to pen a novel with characters age so young or old when compared to the author’s age, Ganga has done a fair job indeed to think over and ponder about the school days!
Unlike her first two novels, the twists and turns are lesser and there are no heart pounding scenes in the novel given the genre but if her aim was to make her readers smile – I would probably say, she did achieve it.
The pace was pretty good – A crisp one indeed, it just took about two hours to complete. It was sweet and perfumed with innocence, having read many mystery and thrillers in the recent past; this was a very different and refreshing take now, re-reading it yet again. The editor(s) need a special mention as well, a fair job!
The dialogues are the best part of this novel; it makes one grin, chuckle, laugh, and what not. Pretty flowery and naive, this novel has the rawness that is actually required, which makes it a delightful read.
I couldn’t spot any negative factors as such, for a person who reads romance seldom, even to complete this book in a go is a big deal. Overall, I loved the refreshing change! I am still a fan of her thriller novellas than romance (Sounds like my manufacturing defect)
I would rate A sip of coffee and a sip of love fairly a 3.5/5
If you love romance, young adult, and a new take of the narrative – grab a copy!

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