The Reengineers – Book Review

Received a free paperback copy from the book club in exchange for an honest review, at first, I thought this book might be of a type that talks about the life of an engineering student or so, but the blurb was totally different and with hints that said the book is based on Madras (My place) – I was thrilled to read.
The book starts off with a world building set in the 1990s of Madras right from suprabhatham to details that describe how madras was, but it was indeed a slow read in the start. I skimmed through pages until I hit something relevant and where the book started catching enough speed.


I loved the language used by the author, good diction throughout and that is one major plus of this book.
The cover and the title are not catchy enough to grab a copy, but the blurb might interest many as it sounds tricky and magical.
The motivation of the characters could have been even stronger, but, nevertheless are good enough to lead the reader in the right direction. More of a self-discovery than anything else that makes the book a one-time read, it had promising fantasy at the right proportions and with a language so good, this book sets on par with excellence stealing away the heart of the reader after a point.
A few quotations are very beautiful and it sails to the depths of life. The book takes a turn from its genre YA or Coming-of-age and goes to the spiritual mode, which is something I don’t trust mostly. Might work for others!
A very good try indeed!
Rating: 3.5/5

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