X for X-rated #AtoZChallenge

X-rated or Erotica – one genre that is difficult to pen, there are chances that you write excellently well or just go so blunt that you wrote the worst piece ever that would totally shame you.
I am so conscious about this, because, my next flick is a contemporary romance with a bit of erotica playing around. Hence, I started reading good number of books that fall under contemporary, erotica, X-rated, etc… This gave a clear distinction of what a good erotica is from the bad, firstly, Indian writers fail in diction more often than not. They write screw worthy words instead of right kinky stuff. Erotica gives you the liberty to pen explicit content and 18+ details but nevertheless, you are not destined to write something creepy.
Here is what you should know if you are writing Erotica or have it subtly playing its part in the novel.
One best writer who scooped me off with Erotica is Heather M Miles. Extremely well-written erotica which is even better than fifty shades of grey according to me, X-rated is one genre that is seldom picked in Indian Writing Arena, or, rather people would don’t want the tag and stuff the patty to call it a romance burger.
Writing sex scenes are pretty much same alike other scenes, but, you have to write it with extreme caution because sex scenes are going to paint the scene and the reader should rather feel good (Aroused – the best) but never ever screw their face saying ‘Ewwww!’ you get that? Please play around words that would make one feel better. Research enough, or rather write subtle than to use details but please don’t use euphemisms that are laugh worthy.
You need not write every minute detail of the scene, don’t start off with him pushing her on the wall to the final dressing part, your readers are well-sex educated, and you need not teach them stuff. Write enough but don’t flesh out that would make the reader feel bad about reading it. Bear in mind – sex scenes are never skimmed but read word by word, so this is where you have ultimate control over your reader and you can use this time to show how good a writer you are.
Don’t make a normal guy – a super gigolo type or a college girl like a strip tease performer all of a sudden. Give them the right details; sculpt them enough if you’re going to use it as such.
Rather, best is to write down your fantasy. Sex scenes or erotica novels are supposed to turn the reader on; else, you have failed big time.
When writing it down, keep off the thoughts that you’re family is about to read this and feel terribly bad about you, which happens in most cases though! I am lucky, that my parents don’t read my book.

4 thoughts on “X for X-rated #AtoZChallenge”

  1. Writing sex is an art. It’s difficult when compared to writing other scenes. It’s like comedy. An actor to act in a comic role is very difficult when compared to singing around the trees and fighting. Any other scene, you can imagine your readers to be ignorant, but not here. They are well educated and well experienced (in sex). Nothing will be new to them. One tries to make it visually interesting – sorry the reader has accesses to movies, which gives visualization in different ratings. So what to write.

    Before writing what to write, a writer should know what not to write:

    a) Do not describe the action part.
    b) Do not replicate the sound they make or the cot (if old one) makes.
    c) Do not describe the dressing & undressing scenario.
    d) Do not detail – u do that, u do this…- don’t make a bucket list.

    So what’s there to write :

    a) Whatever the writer writes should be subtle.
    b) Let it not go more than 150 words, 250 words at max. (one page).
    c) sex scenes can be distributed at 40 / 50 pages once. Here it’s not like songs in indian movies – every 20, 25 minutes a song.
    d) Should the scene demand, have it. otherwise do not thrust it.
    e) What’s the yardstick – if the writings interests a female (preferably indian) in her 40’s, the writer wins.

    If the writer is not confident of writing a good sex scene, it’s better he avoids it. A good one helps the story. A bad one kills the story.

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