A Road Not Traveled : Book Review

First Impression:
The blurb of this novel was so good that I wanted to try this book, it was on a different lane altogether. The cover so good, and title pretty attractive just makes one flip the pages right away.
Overall Impression:
I was terrified with the choice of names in the beginning, it is pretty unusual for an Indie author to pick names that are not familiar in this region. The author just bags ratings because the concept he deals in this novel is amusing, different, and new. The author’s vision, creativity, and uniqueness would amaze the readers in the first go.


What did I like in the book?
  • Concept
  • The underlined motivating and inspiring vision knitted through
  • Humor peppered that makes us giggle at places
  • Characters were fleshed out enough, and just enough that would suit the novel. It was not over done unlike a few novels that I have read. Thanks to Alchem
  • It deals a lot of emotions throughout
Frown Factors:
  • Editing was good, but could have been much better. Grammatical errors and redundant words were disturbing the flow to an extent, but yes, pretty negligible though
Rating: 4/5