Dancing with Demons: Book Review

Indeed an enticing cover and title different from usual rom-coms, and the blurb says that the novel is based on ‘boxing’ which is new to me as a reader, and hence I picked this book for review when The Book Club offered.
Excellent characterization – be it Karan or Sonia, the author has fleshed the characters pretty well. Especially Sonia, her character resonates with the reader in you for hours together post reading.
A beautiful novel with the events that concoct to keep the reader in you engaged. The author has done justice for the time spent on this novel. A sheer recommendations for a light read in one go. The chapters are knit well, fast and intriguing throughout. Very well written novel.
There were interesting details about the rule and regulations of boxing which amused me to a great extent.
The novel is also on par with excellence with respect to grammar and sentence structure, the editor deserves a good pat on his/her back for this. Tremendous job!
The only disappointing factor is the abrupt ending, otherwise a very promising novel by the author. Looking forward to read more by the author.

Vikram Rana Investigates: Tales of Murder and Deception in Hyderabad

A book of 160 pages with 2 murder mystery stories – Vikram Rana Investigates. It was amusing at first because the title was engrossing and the cover was interesting, so I started reading the story with some anticipation. My review below:
The opening scene starts with the family chart and introduction of characters as chapters, am not really a fan of “telling” but “showing” – so with respect to the craft of writing, I am a bit disappointed.
The character of Vikram Rana is compelling, but other than that I didn’t sympathize with any other and the pace was slow to medium as well. The punch of a murder mystery went missing.
While I loved the worldbuilding and setting of the novella where each scene felt rooted and properly etched with the place in mind, and the dialogues were natural as well, but at some instances I felt it is detailed more than required, Could have been a bit more crispier.
 I feel delighted that the author took enough care with respect to the language, grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, etc.. It is on par except at a few places. More than the story, I think the responsibility of the author to present a good story with the right elements in place impressed me as a reader.
A well-knit story with nothing cheesy to distract, the author did justice and is not carried away with any commercializing factors.
I did like the stories as a reader, since it is a murder mystery, am not giving any spoilers away. It would have been a great read though, because the pace and craft didn’t satisfy the mystery lover in me.
Overall a short novella with 2 mystery stories to read in one go! pick if you like the old-school type mystery with good language.
Rating – 3/5

Take my money and publish my book!

Back with another Indian-Publishing-Scene post, if you’ve not read my Indian authors and book marketing post, please do!

Why this post? Because I hear a lot of issues between the publisher-author duo these days. To mention a few complaints:

  • The publisher won’t give the author royalty for the first 1000 copies.
  • The publisher asked to sign an agreement to buy 200 copies of your book.
  • The publisher has increased the MRP and is not ready to reduce which affects the book sales.
  • My book is out of stock, and my publisher refused to reprint.
  • My publisher is not sending my books to any bookstore.
  • I spent XXXXX on publishing my book, you know it’s my baby, but, I didn’t get any returns.
    dollar-sign-bookHaving published a book already, and having gone through the ups and downs of the publishing industry in a short span. I thought this had to be said.
    Dear Author, you’re facing these issues because of YOU. It was you who wanted to publish the book right away. It was your choice to go with a publisher whose vision is to make money than to produce quality literature.
    Gone are the days when writers had to send hard copies of their novel to a publisher, wait for their reply for a year and then send to another post rejection. There were authors who took years to get published, who worked hard on knitting their stories, editing it thoroughly and wanted to publish it for the love of literature. But, are we the same? We want fame. We want a book release every year, no matter what the story is, no matter how poor the paper quality is, no matter how bad the language is, no matter who reads it and what reviews we receive because money does it all. All it takes is 10,000 INR to get ten 5-star reviews right? You know reviewers who don’t read but post reviews. All it takes is just 25,000 INR to market your book on all Facebook groups, right?
    Vanity Publishing /Self-publishing platforms (Not all) have dragged and pulled the Indian literature down, but, why care? All we need is the author tag? Throw a few thousands and get published. No, am not blaming all, but at least 3/10 do this, as I acquainted almost 500+ authors and am a part of groups with 10,000+ writers all over India.
    Ask yourself. Do you see authors who published via the publishing houses that fall under the creamy categories complain? including those who self-publish/kindle publish as per their choice. Do you see them struggling hard to establish/market their books? As far as I know, not really, at least when compared to us – those who paid to get published.
    I can’t stop you from doing what you want my dear author, but, if I can give you a small advice – research about the quality of Indian literature and the books that are available. Understand where you are, work on your story, plot, language, grammar, diction, sentence structure, etc.. Hire a good editor and give the best possible manuscript to the right publishers who are passionate about publishing good books. Wait, even if it takes years. Choose your book reviewers right. Don’t send it to every tom, dick, and Harry, please! The best type of marketing is the word of mouth. And, that would eventually happen. If not now, sooner or later.
    I indeed published via a self-publishing platform; I learned a few lessons and now, am working hard to correct the mistakes and do well with my next release. I don’t deny the fact that there are good vanity published books and there are traditionally published bad books as well. But, the equation and weightage when thought through makes a difference.
    If this post helps to change even any one of the readers’ mindset – I’d be more than happy, else, I’d still be happy because I feel better when I blog.
    P.S — This post is not for anyone in particular, because, I have the habit of dealing it in person. This is a very common post addressing the most common issues of authors-publishers duo.
    Done ranting!
    Kavipriya Moorthy

Secretly yours – Book Review

I’ve not read any of Vikram Khanna’s previous books and hence, I thought I’d read one. The book is published by Penguin Books Limited and thats the only reason I picked this book. The title was not attractive, I didn’t like the cover as well but one thing that caught my attention was the blurb. I read this book with some basic expectations, but, surprisingly, the book didn’t satisfy the reader in me.
The plot was just another love story of a teenager built with a USP that the guy is capable of mind-reading. What I thought with the blurb and what the book offered was entirely different. There were obvious loopholes in the novel throughout, right from the murder parts to the age of the characters, there were mismatches from page one. The characters and the motivation behind each were not fleshed properly, a bit clumsy here. Could have been better though! 30295759
A penguin published book with editing flaws, mistakes, language, sentence structure errors etc.. So, it was disappointing!
Though cliched, a few parts were smile worthy and dialogues were good enough. Some parts were philosophical though. Not a great read, wouldn’t have picked if not for Penguin.
The sensitive topics should have been handled even better. Overall, I felt that a good plot was clumsified with cliched details.

Scarlet Nights by Mayur Patel – Book Review

First Impression: The title, cover, and the blurb is an instant attraction indeed. Pick-worthy novel with a winning plot. I love psychological thrillers and was so excited to read this book.
The story revolves around Malvika, just another Mumbai based businesswoman who is happy with her life. And, then Margrita happens! Read the novel to know more, because, I seldom spill spoilers.
Scarlet nights is a well-knitted novel, the alignment of scenes-chapters and the twin thread running along is commendable. A nail-biting experience precisely!  Author Mayur has done a great job with respect to the story which demands some brave attempts.
Wow Factors: 
  • Plot
  • Language, and diction
  • Editor has done a good job indeed
  • Fast-paced and well-knit chapters
Rating: 4/5
P.S I received a complimentary e-copy in exchange for a honest review.

A Thousand Unspoken Words: Book Review

A book that I received some months back, I apologize for the late review. Genre being romance, I expected a girl-meet-boy, fall in love, fight, and get back on track types. Paulami Duttagupta presents a different shade of Romance novel which acutely states “Dude, you’ve read shit. This is romance. Now read on!” A Thousand Unspoken Words does talk a lot, a ride indeed.
The novel feeds my ego because the protogonist Tilottama falls in love with a writer. A writer named Musafir whom she had never met in life but just read his words. Musafir is not just another writer, he bleeds the issues and ends up running away. The way she talks about the author and his words are soothing and I felt so good about that. It is a dream for any author. So, the author Paulami gains a star from me for the setting and characters in here.
The story is based with a strong nerve lined on social and politcal issues which is different and is not dealt much on any romance genre.The characters are etched – Tilottama and Musafir (Riddhimaan) are fleshed beautifully. Both characters are strong and the motivation of their role is very well used. Other characters also look real to me. No hazel eyes, and curly hair type descriptions which makes the novel all the more real.
Language, grammar, diction were good. A decent novel to read. A bit of “tell” than “show” which didn’t really affect my reading spree.
Paulomi is indeed one author whom I expect to do well in the Indian Authors with this novel marking her on par.
If you like reading a novel that’s good and not just girl meet boy story – grab a copy.