Vikram Rana Investigates: Tales of Murder and Deception in Hyderabad

A book of 160 pages with 2 murder mystery stories – Vikram Rana Investigates. It was amusing at first because the title was engrossing and the cover was interesting, so I started reading the story with some anticipation. My review below:
The opening scene starts with the family chart and introduction of characters as chapters, am not really a fan of “telling” but “showing” – so with respect to the craft of writing, I am a bit disappointed.
The character of Vikram Rana is compelling, but other than that I didn’t sympathize with any other and the pace was slow to medium as well. The punch of a murder mystery went missing.
While I loved the worldbuilding and setting of the novella where each scene felt rooted and properly etched with the place in mind, and the dialogues were natural as well, but at some instances I felt it is detailed more than required, Could have been a bit more crispier.
 I feel delighted that the author took enough care with respect to the language, grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, etc.. It is on par except at a few places. More than the story, I think the responsibility of the author to present a good story with the right elements in place impressed me as a reader.
A well-knit story with nothing cheesy to distract, the author did justice and is not carried away with any commercializing factors.
I did like the stories as a reader, since it is a murder mystery, am not giving any spoilers away. It would have been a great read though, because the pace and craft didn’t satisfy the mystery lover in me.
Overall a short novella with 2 mystery stories to read in one go! pick if you like the old-school type mystery with good language.
Rating – 3/5

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