I want to marry a rich guy!

“I want to marry a wealthy guy,” says no woman ever. But, only, explicitly. Though many instances in my life made me think about this subject, the one that gave me enough thrust to start penning this blog post is the image below.
To share a few real life incidents:
  1. I told to one of my friends that I would like to travel all over India and a few countries if possible and immediately she said “marry a guy who is in the US,” you can travel all over the world. It hurt me because, according to me, I should go around the world with my money.
  2. Judge me if you want, I’ve survived two break-ups. One was intense that even families knew and approved. It was a long distance relationship, and so, once he presented me an iPhone. After a few months, when the relationship didn’t work, and when I wanted to call it quits – he emotionally threatened me that he loves me so much that he presented an iPhone. Not just him, his family and even my family said the same again and again. It threw me aback that everybody equated love to an iPhone. (I threw em, and the one I use now is my own)
  3. I had this habit of posting my restaurant trials at a Facebook group called “Where Chennai Eats,” that’s how my Ex got caught, though. His sister stalked my profile and found that we frequently meet. He casually told me that his sister warned him not to spend a lot on food. We usually go Dutch – we share the bill, but, he didn’t inform that to his sister. We fought on this, and he said it is an insult to tell that he is not spending on me
  4. My friend’s sister did like a guy – tall and handsome, smart and witty, and what not? When we probed why she rejected him, she said his bank balance is low, and he is still in a rented house and owns no piece of land
I observe a lot, introspect, and retrospect, I find that most guys spend a lot for their girlfriends, they love doing that. They think it is man enough and pick the bill every single time. But, when there are issues and if they break up, the guy easily says “She was with me for the money,” to pacify himself. This crept in, and now, most guys use this phrase.
For, almost all my college mates are married, most of them are in US, UK, Australia and the likes. Maybe, yes! But, it is not just her choice but also her family’s that they want a well-settled guy. (Well-settled meaning – who owns a bungalow or at least a piece of land, a luxurious car, salary package that’s more than sufficient for 2, etc..) just worldly pleasures.
It’s been long that I heard someone saying “I want to marry a guy who will keep me happy,” or “I want to marry a man who struggles in life to give my support and help him achieve his endeavors,” or “I want to marry the one who loves me,” etc..
Am 27 year old now and though I don’t want to get married – in the worst case, I always wanted a matured guy who can handle what I am. Because, there were alliances that rejected me stating my social media profile has 2500 friends, a few said that a writer would mostly talk a lot of rules and laws, and a few, of course, said am fat, etc..
I got a friend recently, and we found that we share common interests and, we spend more time these days. Once he blurted that he is not committed yet because he is afraid that a girl might love him for his money.
I am extremely nervous about it; I am always conscious to repay or share the expenses equally so that no guy that I know would ever say that I am with him for his money. It is more of an obsession these days!
There are movies that subtly show a rich bald guy marrying an utterly beautiful girl. The equation of rich & ugly man marrying a pretty girl is strengthening day by day. A covalent bond!
I wouldn’t blame anyone. I am not concluding this article with any specific pointers. While I write my micro-mini HeMeStory tales – I ensure that I hurt none. I want men, women, and transgenders who read my micro stories to smile and feel glad. But, many guys in list bash women – they write about a woman being gold diggers. Many women writers in my list bash men, stating they would do anything to get laid.
Taking sides would give us hashtags like Feminist, Feminazis, Menist, etc..
I don’t want to be any!
Can we all just ditch the worldly pleasure and focus on co-existing? To just live happily? To just ensure that we all born to learn something and to teach the same to someone else before we leave?

29 thoughts on “I want to marry a rich guy!”

  1. Most girls these days are independent and pick the bill and many guys prefers girls like that. So one just needs to find the person with whom you can connect atleast to some basic level. If it doesn’t happen, then there’s no point in continuing the relationship. We cannot force someone to change their thinking… But we can always show them an alternative perspective by being different. After all we are not accountable for their life choices. 🙂

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  2. Very well said. It’s so true that people equate being with someone on the basis of their networth and not who they really are. Have personally experienced this myself (been rejected for matrimonial proposals because I am not working) so can relate to it well (including the rejections for beign fat).


  3. An honest write-up. I have a mixed up circle. There are girls who let the guys pay the bills always and they stay quiet. Not even a flinch.

    And there are girls like my sister who argue for an hour if the guy insists very much on paying the bill.

    Small gestures matter a lot when it comes to a relationship or friendship.


  4. I was telling a friend about how I met quite a few men on Tinder but I didn’t really connect with anybody. He told me, “Oh, that’s okay. The guys are paying for the dates atleast, be happy for the sponsored evening.” I said, “No, I don’t do that. I always Dutch.” He went on to say that guys hardly get any matches on Tinder and hence, they should pay for me.


  5. I see there are contradicting opinions of young women these days. Some are already independent and earning high before marriage but still want only a guy who is well settled and earn more than them with a lot of assets. When I married, I told my parents I am looking for a guy who can earn at least 20k which would be enough to sustain as I would also be earning and a house or any other asset is not a criteria but he should be a good human being.

    Nice post about real experiences Kavipriya. I heard #1 a lot of times in my life as I love to travel 🙂

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  6. Such lovely writing. The internet needs more of this unabashed, middle-lane content as this. Just like you, I split Dutch if I’m out with a guy. (mandate!) I don’t want the guy to point finger at me saying I was a gold digger. Sadly, the concepts of “just living” , “being in the moment” , “leading a happy yet content life” etc seem to be dying away.


  7. This is such an excellent piece of writing! The words you conveyed were such, one cannot disagree upon. The world would be a heavenly place to live in, if both of them understands well. Happiness will always remain a key part in the life of a man/woman. Much to the contrary of your post, there are many girls who would like to be independent and I’ve personally seen girls do pay the bills much to the impression of guys.

    Money and financial background will never be a criteria in judging a man. Honest write up. Looking forward for much such from you. 🙂


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