Coffee with ‘Ex’

After all the break-up – patch up – break-up – patch up games, finally, officially, truly – it was a breakup. The last ‘No’ and the last ‘Never’ was mutual. Being the two who are always connected to those who only check WhatsApp DP’s and never talk was painful. Why be old-school? We can be friends, right? But, No, we can’t chat like usual. So random questions that seem relevant started. I Replaced my usual  ‘Honey’ with ‘Dude, ’ and he replaced ‘Baby’ with ‘Yo!’
“Yo! can you recommend me a nonfiction?” popped his text. Another day, “Dude, know of any who can design a cover for my book?” I asked. Months passed by, we moved on, and we were talking to each other – Officially, ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend.
Two years then. Switching jobs, moving on, and another date with someone new.
“Know of someone who can help with printing?” a random text. “I know of, but, phone conversations won’t work. I shall help you. Let’s meet, Monday?” he replied. Meeting him? After two years? OMG! I’ve not lost any weight. “Okay! Done. Where?” I asked. “Starbucks!”
Was that a deliberate choice? Because, that’s one coffee shop that we’ve never been, at least, wouldn’t rekindle the good old memories right? And then, we met.
He was on time, and I was late. Our eyes met ‘Just like our first time, ’ and he seemed mute. It was almost like his mind was far away from here. “Hiiiiiiiiii,” I said and sat comfortably on the chair. ‘No, I shouldn’t sit next to him, so opposite.
“What would you like to have?” he offered the menu card to me.
Don’t you know?’ – “Caramel macchiato,” I told and gave back the menu card.
He came back with a plate of pasta.


“Oh, I forgot to get you another spoon,” he said and went back to get another. ‘Oh ya! We can’t share a spoon now, you see!’
“Have it,” he said and moved the plate towards me. ‘So unusual, he won’t let me take the first bite of anything before,’
“Howz life? Anything interesting,” I asked. ‘We’ve never asked this question to each other ever before, right?’
“Good! Are you seeing someone?” that was a direct question, though. ‘Errr!’
“Yeah! Just casual dating. Not getting into any serious relationships,” ‘God! I am yet to get over the hurt – ‘our’ hurt honey — Okay sorry, Dude,’
“Hmmm. I might get engaged this June, my girlfriend is in talks with her parents, if they agree, yes!”
WTFFFF’ – “Whoa! Wowww! I mean.. This is. Good ya! All the best, congrats!”
How can you fake like that? Fuck you!’ — “Ha! Hmm. Let’s see,” he grinned.
It’s hurting. It’s painful. It’s like rubbing my wounds with salt. Tears me apart. It was hard to look at the caramel eyes of his. We know this would happen at some point of time, but, hearing it in person, GOD NO! Though we looked cheerful, we know our mundane expressions pretty well. The poignant embarrassment in our eyes said everything. The surrounding felt gloomier. But, he looked heartbreakingly handsome that moment.
He: I sighed. I ran my fingers through my hair, ‘The fuck! Her favorite gesture,’ I thought rubbing the back of my neck. I shut my eyes damn tight and took a deep breath. My gut tightened. That viva glam MAC lipstick on her lips reminded our clumsy kisses, I had to shake my head to clear my mind off those.
“Okay! Shall we leave?” he asked, leaving the spoon on the plate. Cling!
“Ah, yeah!” I said and walked behind.
He held the restaurant door for me, as he used to. I said ‘Thank you!’ as I always do. ‘Keep it with you!’ he said as fucking usual.

28 thoughts on “Coffee with ‘Ex’”

  1. OOH liking the honesty and tension in this piece. So much said and yet so much under the surface. Hmm, one wonders if he’d have reacted the same way if she’d been seeing someone. So much potential and so many possibilities 🙂 Nicely done, Kavipriya.


  2. Lovely piece of writing – very taut and expressive.
    I have never been able to keep in touch with my exes – its just too emotional for me. If he had moved on before me, I would be so bloody crushed and depressed that I will never find someone.


  3. What we say and what we do–the classic gap. The boiling and seething inside, the pretense of total calm on the outside, casual, even. Feeling miserable inside and angry, with unanswered questions, but complete don’t care attitude outside. Real life. Well done, Kavipriya ♥ Very realistic. There’s a book there, you know!


  4. OMG!! Loved this coffee with ex!! It’s difficult to move on and it’s all the more hurtful if one has moved on and the other one is still there…


  5. Wow! it really possible being friends with an ex? No idea!
    But, what I do know KaviPriya, is that you did this so well! Boy, I am awestruck! All of that unsaid stuff, those feelings that still rise suddenly but fall back because it’s too late now and nothing can be done about it. It’s all over now, so move on, but hold back for just a second to…to do what?
    My heart broke…it always breaks at such break-up stories!
    Lady, you are awesome! 🙂


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