Relationship Status? – “Others”

Another tiring day and it was 8:30 PM when Katyayani reached home. A beautiful wedding card on her table, “Vishnupriya weds Raghuvaran,
 “Wow!” she exclaimed. “The whole family was here hours back. They felt really bad that we didn’t make it to the engagement. I guess we should go for the wedding!” ma said. “Hmmm, even I want to, been 3 years since I met all our relatives ma,” Katya smiled.
 “Katya, get ready, I am booking an ola cab by 4:00 PM,” said her sister.
 She picked the beige color designer salwar with zari and sequins, “Looks a bit grand, what will people say? Been just a year since divorce and she is dressing like a queen? Maybe,” she thought and left it aside, and picked a simple green salwar, “What if they give a ‘my God – poor girl’ look?” she contemplated.
The main entrance of the reception reminded her wedding. The minute they entered, many a relatives flocked. “Katya akka,” cheered her uncle’s twin daughters. They spoke to her like things were so normal but she knew they were taught to, to make her comfortable. Thanks Uncle.
A few stares, a few so-sad-looks, a few is-that-her gaze – blindingly obvious. The music, the crowd, the flowers, the family circle, the stage – everything reminded her expensive mistake. That wilted rose of a day where she understood waiting more would only burn her to death and walked out of a relationship for her own good.
How are you Katya? You have kids?” asked the distant relative who knows nothing about what-happened. “No, I don’t have kids,” she told. “How is your husband? He is in Oman right?” The questions lined up. She had to maintain the codswallop story. Lie after lie after lie.
Tear prickled in her eyes, and her mind offered picture after picture from her own marriage and reception. She went glassy-eyed. Turning to look at her father sitting at the farthest corner, “Am sorry dad,” she murmured.
“What plans for Katya?” the first circle of close relatives started asking him. They mellowed and whispered. She could hear them in the crowd like the end of a cigarette glow in the dark. She raged at God, and cursed those people through her eyes.
She saw her other cousin walking inside with her husband and her kid. “That’s my niece, I didn’t visit my own niece since birth due to obvious reasons,” she thought and rushed to pick the sweet cherry. It was pricklier than she had intended. Her cousin interlocked her fingers and leaned to convey that she cares.
“Dad, are you alright?” she wanted to ask. Looking at that man who was draped in silk dhoti 2 years back, rushing from one corner of the stage to another, smiling happily, thanking every person who attended the reception. “What a waste of time, money and energy. Her mind was shielded with thoughts.  Every little thing rubbed her in the wrong way.
 “Check her horoscope,” said one. “Visit Rameshwaram, Kasi and Kanchipuram – do all the important poojas, she will be fine,” said another. “Let me check if any of our other distant relatives are divorced or what, let’s get her married off,” mumbled another. “Should have properly hired some detective agent to check the guy, no?” one asked curiously.
 “Dad, why is this happening to us? Who are they? Why are they so concerned about all this now? Ask them to shut up, please,” her eye begged at him. He was calm, answering each of them politely, while many equated it to ‘he-is-ashamed’
P.S – This post is dedicated to the one who is utterly close and special to me. The emotions are applicable to both the genders, and not just to those who are divorced – even for those who are separated, widow(er), in a complicated relationship, etc..
 I don’t want to give a big gyan. A person is just beyond their relationship status. Not all married are living ‘happily ever after’ and not all unmarried are ‘forever lonely’
 It takes courage, self-respect and a few more attributes to walk out of a relationship that is not working.
Though the World is far advanced, when it comes to living an ideal life in India – people still stick to ‘college-work-own housing-own car-marriage-kids’ but life apparently never works the same way. If you’re living such life well and good, we appreciate but those who had to go through hard phase are only stronger according to me.

7 thoughts on “Relationship Status? – “Others””

  1. Awesome Kavi… U have exactly penned down each emotion .. I have few close ones who went through the same.. I’m sure if they read this they can feel their feelings been exactly written by you… Congrats… U have been really blessed with such talent..keep writing …


  2. Fully agree on your sentiments.. there are so many countries to travel to, so many car models to drive… no one seems to care about those… all they want is c-w-o-m-k


  3. Ideal life that society of India has defined ain’t a cup of tea for everyone out there in their mid twenties. Facts well penned Kavi. Just one incident in a wedding can explain a lot reality. Good one. 🙂


  4. She could hear them in the crowd like the end of a cigarette glow in the dark. – This is so apt and so symbolic. As for the objective of this post, I fear it may take another decade or so for our society to reach there.


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