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For the love of Handmade Items – Direct Create

I always pick souvenirs wherever I travel and most of them would probably be handmade. There’s a desi touch in handmade stuff, and that makes my souvenirs adorable and is always remembered. I’ve always wondered what are the specific handmade items that I’d find in places that I’ve not visited as yet. I always wanted to get them. And, BAM! Stumbled upon and I’m loving the website.
The website has details that are more than transparent – it brings together those who make handmade products, the designers, mediating collaborators and last but not least – most of us who love to spend our money on products that makes our soul happy, the buyers.
How amazing is that to find who made the product that you’re about to own? I was really thrilled about the very idea!
I should confess that I loved their blog – more than the shopping experience, and seriously, the site gave me travel goals.
There are a lot of products that you can buy from them – a clean website categorized accordingly. Browse through and give a makeover to your lifestyle and home. There are so many products for Men, Women and indoor items. And, the best part yet? The products are absolutely good in quality and the price, so pocket friendly.
I received a beautiful notebook (blame the notebook fetish in me) – I so love the matte finish cover that’s neither hard bound nor softbound – it is so good that I keep staring at it. I also received a cute little multipurpose box and a pencil that I love. Here’s a picture of it.
So, visit the website, buy your favorite and leave a comment on what you purchased and how’d you liked it.


Matrikas Stationery for the Journal-Fetish

Being a writer is about ‘typing’ a lot but still we use a ‘pen’ to denote the ‘writer’ in a person. As a writer myself, I yearn to own stationery stuff. I love post-its, pens, notebooks that are cute, and journals. So, I somehow stumbled upon this brand new website –
A website that felt so ‘ethnic’ at first sight. I found the red journal with a feather denoting a ‘writer’ and this journal is so far one of the best. I don’t usually write on beautiful journals, I just keep them and admire. This journal’s title itself is ‘write’ and so I penned down my recent micro-fiction on it. It is a hardcover journal with a few adult-coloring pages between pages to keep you stress free and also, a few sheets of stickers that one could use to make their journaling experience interesting.
I love the quality of the journal. More than enough pages, a hardcover bound, an elastic that prevents dog-ears or other usual slight damages that could happen to a notebook.
You can find more details about them on their website, and other social networking sites. Their products are also available on amazon.
Check them out, choose a diary/journal and leave a comment about it.