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Detached from the little!

Am not precious, am not love oozing newbie, am not compassionate – I would rather say ‘fuck this shit’ and ‘been there-done that’ as I can never be contained.
Confined by walls physically, yet, wandering heartily because my mind has wings, a heart is so restless and attitude so resistant and rebelling. I am here, looking out for an adventure that is not ordinary.
You will never receive a “hey good morning” to smile when you get up, I will never bother if you skip lunch, I will never check if you reached home safe, I am this! Call it free-spirited or not-so-sensitive.
Am temperate, not loving, don’t be bothered when am suddenly gone! I will be back; especially if I know you’re a lobster that would wait to know.
I wear passion like a backpack and surf through the craziness that the world offers. I have been through shit, disappointments, triumphs, betrayal, depression, and the crisis that led to a transformation. Am not the old skin! Shed them way back!
I let go – as easy as throwing the banana skin; I fire every past day, and I don’t carry the pain forward. I know that I have a future, and it would give me something in abundance.
Call me anything that has depth, and not a black butterfly! I can’t care, but I will walk through and be there with you through struggles. I am not an emotional pendulum to drive you nuts with my mood swings; I would sense and say on behalf that I am in the bitch mode well in advance!
I love alone time, quiet places, and am overwhelmed with what I am – egoistic and narcissistic about what am capable of. I am possessive about me; I love me wholly!
I do what I feel like doing; I don’t have an opinion. Not a cry baby! I only learnt to roar. Unapologetically incredible, and a wonderful soul that loves to share what is wise.
Pic Courtesy: Writer tattoo from Pinterest