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T for Ten Authors #AtoZChallenge

So, I approached my most favourite authors whom I have read, interacted, nudged with doubts, asked opinions, help, and what not?
I would rather happily die as a reader than an author; there are awesome authors I met in my journey who redefined what writing is to me! I myself find a good difference in me, my reading habit, my writing, and here are 10 questions to 10 authors, respectively!nei
  1. Neil D’Silva
Neil – One of the most promising Indian Author, reading his made me a better reader. His books are those that I would give to those friends of mine who say they would not read Indian authors, to prove them wrong. One of the best critics ever!
I asked him about his views on Social media for Marketing books and tips as well.
As a self-published author, I have used social media for marketing majorly. My initial presence as an author began when I started posting stories on Wattpad, Figment, and later on my website. I shared a lot of excerpts on Facebook as well. All these things received a lot of positive feedback and, apart from building for me a significant fan base, it also motivated me to take up writing more seriously. It was apt that I released all three of my books on social media first and then had physical events for them.
Having been using social media for book marketing since two years now, I would say that marketing does not work if you only talk about yourself. There are so many people who just put up posts about their books and such and do not engage in other ways at all. Remember that it is you who need to be visible on social media and not your books. It is equally important to interact with other people when they have something to say. You don’t get listeners here unless you are a listener first.
I don’t know about marketing mistakes as such, but I do have a grouse. And that is, social media marketing takes up a lot of my time, time that I would have otherwise used for writing. At present, I am trying to cut down on my Facebook time so that I can devote more time for my writing, but that could be just a passing phase for I have two books releasing shortly.
Help yourself – follow Neil and his books!
  1. Rasana Atreya
An interesting and strong author who self-publishes chucking traditional contracts, someone who is a catalyst of the change to help authors self-publish their books at ease! She is a strong woman and her books also touch base a lot on problems faced by woman in India and the taboo and clichés, she was shortlisted for the 2012 Tibor Jones South Asia award. Also, UK’s Glam magazine calls ‘Tell A Thousand Lies’ one of their ‘five favourite tales from India.’    
I asked her about the view on women’s fiction these days, the view on woman writers and also, wanted to know her favourite book on the same line.
There is no doubt the same fiction written by men gets way more
  1. weightage
  2. press coverage
  3. more awards
There is this attitude that what women do carries less weight. I remember a recent interview with Times of India where I and another male writer were interviewed. The male author was called a full-time writer, and I was called a housewife even though I gave up my IT job (I have an M Tech.) to pursue writing full time AND I make good money from it,
I read so many books that I am trying to recall names. Toby Neal is one underrated writer. She writer crime fiction based in Hawaii. Her books are excellently researched and authentic. She does bring up the private lives of the main characters – which isn’t surprising considering everyone involved is either a cop or an FBI agent. But doing that somehow seems to dilute the impact of her gritty novels in some eyes.
Follow her all new website and books!
  1. Devika Fernando
I see Devika’s books just like a minion that sees a banana. I so adore them for the language, diction, vocabulary and the way she writes. Love oozing stories! And enticing books are all in her kitty.
As she self-publishes her books I wanted to know her thoughts on it and the main advantages and disadvantages of self-publishing?
That’s a good question. For me, I love the freedom and flexibility of self-publishing. I have a full say in all aspects and can control whatever I feel the need to. I also think payment is fairer (at least for eBook royalties). It can be a bit difficult to handle all aspects; especially marketing – but even traditionally published authors have to carry a lot of the burden or are never discovered because the publishing house doesn’t really give them a chance. Ultimately, each author should make their own choice.
Follow Devika and read her books, period!
  1. Preethi Venugopala
An approachable and ambitious author whom I follow diligently, her book is always on the best sellers chart competing with the US and UK based authors. An artist herself who loves art, crafts and paintings that look as lovely as her book ‘without you’ is!
I asked her if she believes whether the book cover plays an important part in the buying process.
Yes! I can even tell whether it is literary fiction or commercial fiction by just looking at the cover of a book. Most readers, including me, pick books looking at the cover. They say not to judge a book by its cover, but most do. I made my designer change the cover design three times to arrive at the final cover. Many readers have told me they were attracted towards the book initially due to the beautiful cover.
Fall in love with her paintings and her books!
  1. Ganga Bharani
More of a friend to me, and a person I look up at, one of the most approachable to ask any doubt at any walk. Sometime I talk to, before I take any decision. She was polite enough to answer me, even when she had her book launch scheduled the next day.
I asked her about her biggest learning experience with respect to publishing, as all her books are traditionally published.
The contract is the first thing that strikes my mind when you asked this question. Not all publishing companies are the same and not all companies would have the same set of procedure. So, one has to properly go through the contract before signing them. One should discuss with the publishing consultant about the terms and conditions, In India, traditional publishing is the way which will cost less and also, gets the books to the book store, so any author would find any traditional publisher as the best bet but still there are many glitches.
There are copy rights issues, royalty issues, transparency in selling, and many more to quote that author would indeed suffer if they choose to traditionally publish. It is important to choose the right publisher
Ganga’s third novel A sip of coffee and a sip of love has been launched recently! Wishing her good luck to hit the best sellers charts and here is the link to follow her!
Her blog and books !


  1. Ruchi Singh
An author who writes on romance, she is well-known for her lively and not just happily-ever-after but slice-of-life writing! She is one author who proved her capability with her blog posts before her debut which made publishing and the aftermath a privileged entry! If you want to learn the right route to blogging to author, one would point her as the best person to follow.
I asked her about the notion in general that whether romance is easy to write when compared to thriller or mystery. I wanted to know if romance is a difficult genre as well. Because, there are millions love stories with minuscule differences. How difficult it is to make a romance novel to stand out?
Romance is definitely not easy to write than any other genre. In my opinion any comparison is waste of time. The thriller or mystery tales are plot driven, whereas romance is character driven. Unlike a mystery or thriller, the characters in a romance novel need both internal and external conflicts. While external conflict is tangible and could be easily expressed; internal conflict needs to be developed and has to be taken to a successful closure. It is extremely difficult to articulate internal conflict which connects with the readers.
Since it is a popular genre everything has been done, every plot has been explored. So the setting and presentation has to be unique for a romance story to stand out.
Read her published works and check her books on goodreads
  1. Paromita Gosami
I was introduced to Paromita through a book marketing community created by her to ease the marketing burden of authors.
After reading her works, I understood it was edited very well and so, my question to her was on editing!
Thank you so much Kavipriya for this opportunity. This is my personal views and in no way should be taken personally. Being good in English does not make you a good editor always as in the publishing field. You can correct the grammatical mistakes perfectly fine but when we are talking about books we are also taking about sales and above all readers. An editor should be able to gasp the nerves of the readers or rather the market. If you have a good editor, you will not only have corrections done but also have your manuscript edited as according to the market. Chop off the areas that are not necessary. Trim down scenes and make it more presentable. It’s like dressing your dish before serving. That’s what the editors are for. Hence according to me choosing editor for your work is very important part of publishing your book.
Check her words here!
  1. Rohan Govenkar
We crossed paths at for writers, by authors group. His book ‘1000 kilograms of Goa’ is a huge hit, and the best part of his book was the world building.
So I asked him about his views on world building, how important it is and if it is possible to write a story based on a place that an author has never been.
Kavipriya, Of course you’ve heard of James Hadley Chase. He lived in Britain all life. But almost all his novels were based in the US. Frankly, I find it difficult to set my story in a place where I’ve not been. Even though I live in Goa, I visited many of my locations, some of them even thrice.
It all depends on how much the place has a relevance to a particular location. If it’s just a regular story, I could do a Google search and find info on certain places and look into their maps. But if the location is highly relevant (like in my case ) it’s near to impossible to do it
Even when James Hadley Chase wrote his stories on the backdrop of US, all the specifics he needed was the law in that country and functioning of other law enforcement bodies, In order to keep it real.
I’d just share with you something very embarrassing
For the second novel, i wanted to insert a scene in a red light area. So on my regular trip to Mumbai, I visited Grant Road and had a chat with a couple of ladies. I was finding it difficult to visualise what a real red-light -area looks like. Also, for the first novel, I visited a casino and was asked by the bouncers to leave, because they didn’t like me interviewing their staff, they thought I was a journalist or something.
Things that an author does to write a book and get information are indeed a great journey itself! Follow Rohan Govenkar for more updates on how his second novel is shaping up!
  1. Falguni Kothari
The one who redefined ‘mythology’ – with her ‘soul warrior’ she just hit that a writer has no limits to creativity.
I asked her what an author should primarily do? Or start with, when they want to try their hands with fantasy fiction or historic, that is not common and different in every aspect.
Firstly, thank you for saying that I’ve redefined “retelling” a story. Ok, so to answer how I did it and what other authors can do to make their stories different is that learn the story so well and from so many angles that you know exactly where to tear it apart. Alexander McQueen, the infamous dress designer, has said that to know where to make that daring alternative cut, I needed to know traditional dressmaking. Does that make sense? Have I answered your questions?
Every “change” I made in Soul Warrior has a basis in Vedic literature and mythology. Literature and history tells us that Karna was the perfect mate for Draupadi. If that is true, why did fate work against them? There had to be a reason why Krishna manipulated events so Karna and D did not get together. That’s the basis. Then I had to imagine the subtle changes and differences I could introduce. And if they made sense.
 Her official website and books!
10. Dhasa Sathya
One of the promising debut last year with a short story collections. His styles are one of a kind, a very experimental and level headed author with whom I shared a stage for a workshop.
 I wanted him to talk on his mastered area on how to get through the dreaded writer’s block?
Writer’s block is a sign that your mind is bored with the script running the story and scenes time and again, because we writers are prone to read the written a few times before re-starting our work, right? So I would suggest to forget writing and to start reading! I bet that your mind will miss the lingering torture of your characters that they would start calling you back.
The above is applicable only to writing, but there are chances that you have a block in you plot itself, this is when you should stop fumbling and start working on something different, it can be a short story or some prompt or any whimsical idea – basically give a nice vacation for your brain.
Take a vacation between your books and keep observing things! It will change a lot of perspectives and make more room to write about.
Here is all you would like to know about him and his books!

Seduced in Spain – Book Review

There are a few books that you would pick not because of the enticing cover, a hooking blurb, or a brow raising title but the Author. This is one such book, being an ardent fan bowled over by all her previous books – Seduced in Spain was already a part of my kitty. I received the review copy ahead from the author as amazon ditched me from pre-ordering.
I wouldn’t call this a review but an experience
My take here:
The opening scene starts off with Emily at Spain, feeling uncomfortable for having met Alejandro. Indeed a very catchy beginning that hooked me right there to know what went wrong. As usual, Devika Fernando bowled me over again and again with her microscopic details and diction with every single word. Wanna read a gist? Here you go!
Her blood was rushing in her ears, and she felt fuzzy as if she had jumped up from bed in the middle of the night. Unblinkingly, she stared at the man, so far yet so close, not hearing what he was saying.
The novel starts off at the right place and details of why, what went wrong, followed by what was done to make it right seduces the reader to dive deep in each sentence, slurping every word and falling in love with ‘seduced in Spain’ all over again!
Emily and Alejandro gets equally meaty roles, Author Devika has beautifully weaved the story with a striking conversation that lead to more of a summer fling which actually is not, every words adds to the transition of ‘not-a-fling’ but much more. Distinctive characters, and virtues of Emily and Alejandro, would want the reader to literally pray for them to get along together-forever.
The plot sounds familiar, but the way it is handled is new and fresh. For those who are done with bloody feministic books or chauvinistic books, this novel would give a clean fresh love story that would even make those who have lost hopes in love to look forward for one. You would start looking for Alejandro or Emily, trust me!
Pace wise, the novel is a bit slower than Devika’s other novels. It was slower enough that you would want to skim though but beautiful enough that you would want to digest the book word by word. A new experience, because, slow books never worked with me but her books do.
Wonderful world building and settings, a virtual Spain tour, yes! Though I felt ‘Saved in Srilanka’ was a much better tour.
Dialogues were new, spicy, peppered with romance and cute lust that makes you want to be Emily to hear Alejandro say those words to you. I loved the emotional play in mind, the butterfly effect in the heart and the throbbing new blood rush to know that someone likes you.
Beautiful craft indeed, it had more of ‘showing’ than ‘telling’ it sounded like literally watching a pair talking to each other.
I would rate this book 4/5 as the pace didn’t work well with me. If you want to read a proper romance, a book set in a different unexplored part of the world, a book with diction, vocabulary and grammar on par with excellence, you already know this book is your pick. Grab a copy, you’ll never regret!

When I See Your Face – Book Review

When I See Your Face is Devika Fernando’s romance novel. I read “Saved in Srilanka” first as I won a giveaway by the author. I started this book with enough anticipation for a good read, and I must say am not disappointed at all. I loved reading every alphabet of the book, to cut the long story short. Devika Fernando has the best style of writing romance and the way she writes make us all fall in love with the novel.

The story is about a woman falling in love for the second time with another person having gone through a hard hitting past. The story yet again proves the capability of pain and love, and a burning passion that will outlive everything else. It is more of a ‘chick-lit’ & ‘Romance’ Genre.

First Impression: I was not happy with the cover, I thought the cover speaks nothing of what’s inside the story. The cover and title are not as catchy as the story is, which makes the novel not pick worthy if found in a store. Luckily, it is Kindle publishing, and I know the pulse of Devika as I read one other novel. I just wish she ensures to present a good cover next time.

Overall Impression: Am amazed totally and awe-struck with the minute and tiny little microscopic writing that just brings out sheer love from within. A woman in love would enjoy this book more. Utterly cute and lovely.

My review: The book is sweeter than one can ever explain. It is a woman’s world in short, the descriptions and details are totally close to my heart. Hand-picked words that serve the purpose, I marked the beautiful sentences I crossed to read it all again. Few phrases where Cathy flinches at the touch of his hand, the way she feels when Mark stands close, the way she sits on the couch and every other detail is written right from the heart. I lived Cathy’s life, and I loved to see myself as Cathy at the back of my mind. I have not read any other book that details the warmth and delicacy of a kiss so well and genuinely. Devika does it at ease; she is worth a million bucks for this work.

What did I love about the book? The microscopic details of Cathy’s feelings. The success of a woman who went through hell and were ready to face the world. The sternness that a woman would portray when all she wants is to prove to the world.

Ratings: 4.5/5

Wow Factor: 1) The simple story and strength of emotions handles. 2) Vocabulary – The best words that fulfill the puzzle all at once

Frown Factor: 1) The cover 2) I missed aunt Grindle in the end who played a major role – nevertheless, that’s what I felt and has nothing to do with the story.

My opinion: Woman’s world – read this book and you’ll find yourself in Devika’s world. You see your face in the book. Never miss this lovely book, I promise soul-stirring feel throughout the book. The book will make you feel the way you would when a newborn holds your finger tight.

Thoughts: Would love to see paperbacks and full-fledged novels from Devika.

To the author: I will read all your novels diligently, and I bow literally.

Grab a copy, and find more details about the author and her upcoming novels in here – www.devikafernando.com/