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Encounters by Sumana Khan – Book Review

To start with I loved the cover design, the title and the blurb. The blurb promises a potpourri of stories with different themes. I loved the quality of the book cover and paper; so I was interested to read further.
Disclaimer: Received the paperback version of this book from the publishers – cinnamon teal, via The Book Club, in return for a honest review.


There are 5 stories, each of a kind!
The first story pulled me into the story, as in, I loved the language, diction and vocabulary instantly. It was beautifully penned, revealing the character step by step – for those who have issues with revealing type of writing should probably read this story. Being 26 and single, I could so relate to Ratna, though having accomplished something mighty but having tagged as a burden for not being married is so on par with what any Indian woman would face. Though the story is bit on the predictable table, I loved the way it was written. Sumana as a writer wins here!
Reminiscence – the second story; is again a good one with minute details that would make one smile.
Happiness clinic – I so love this title; and so was the story. A family tale, it indeed injects fear and makes you introspect.
Best friends forever – A story that is totally different, looks like Sumana’s psychology degree played its part pretty well. A tale on hallucination and super natural stuff! A good read.
Am not a short story reader, but given the language peppered, this collection is on par with excellence. And, given that this is my first read of Sumana’s – am looking forward for more!
Rating: 3.5/5