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Fate, I blamed.
When I met the designated and the butterflies fluttered.
When my heart pounded faster, I thought it’s magical.
A wave of excitement and giddiness,
I sunk enough to trust wholeheartedly,
I felt like I’m in a trance,
That blush and smile, and the hormones that activated the red on my cheeks, Bliss!
Hands on the nape of my neck, and a hug that envelops the soul,
The flare in the belly has no compare,
Scooped my heart off, and head tumbling on the shoulders,
Stripped – not the clothes that covered the nude, but, also the ability to trust, and to believe that I deserve love.
— Kavipriya Moorthy

The Mismatch

She cried because she was single but pregnant,
He cried because he cannot adopt a kid,
I crossed a woman who hit her kid and yelled “If I had known before, I would have killed you while in the womb,”
Another woman sobbed holding her reports near the scanning center,
He was sad because third kid was consecutively a male, whereas he dreamt of a princess,
She frowned as the doctor told “It’s a girl baby,” before she dozed off after delivery.
She called her boyfriend and told “Looks like the condom didn’t work,”
He hugged his wife and told “its okay, let’s try next month,” when the pregnancy kit displayed one strike instead.
Dear God, why this mismatch?

Sip of Coffee

I picked my coffee mug; his was already near his lips. I strained my brows to look at him without slipping my lips from the mug. It was heavy, that I used my right hand to hold the mug and place it on the table.
 “Lefty?” he asked.
Hmm,” I nodded.
Won’t talk much? How about some music? Selena Gomez? You like…” he asked.
Hmmm, okay!” I had to strain my neck to see him, but he was busy fidgeting the stack of cds.
What music you like?” he asked to keep the flow.
Your noisy sip of coffee” I thought.
Tell Me Something I Don’t Know,” he said. That took me aback; I threw and somehow settled placing the coffee mug back in its place and wiped my mouth with the back of my palm. “Huh,” I asked startled.
What? Song from Selena album,” he said.
Hahn, okay,” I exhaled more than enough carbon-dioxide and nodded sideways. He laughed and smiled lopsided.