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I for ISBN #AtoZChallenge

ISBN is an important factor when it comes to your books, so here are the details that you should know about ISBN at all.
ISBN – International Standard Book Number; It’s unique for every book on Earth, meaning internationally.
  • The publisher gets the ISBN code for the author, or even the author can apply themselves and get one, if they are planning to self-publish. Kindle publishing doesn’t require one.
  • For every edition of your book, you should purchase one ISBN
  • If one resides in USA, they can directly buy their ISBN or go through any ISBN agency as well.
  • Indians are blessed, ISBN’s are free in India *Whistles*
  • Fill this form here, and follow the instructions to get your ISBN – simple!
  • You need separate ISBNs for your hardcover and soft cover
  • There are a few self-publishing and vanity publishing companies that cost you a lot for ISBN, it is better to get one yourself than to go through them and waste your money on that.
Comment below, if you want to know more details about ISBN or share your experience of buying one with us