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Book Review: Tale Journey – A collection of 21 short stories

The author Kavya Janani approached me for a honest review of her début, and here you go!
First Impression: The first 2 stories were below average and I only frowned upon, while I liked the diction and word choice of the author, the editing was not up to the mark. The frown turned a smile when I read the next 2 stories and apparently, they are my favourite in the whole lot.
Overall Impression: The author has explored many a genres in this collection, While the love stories are a mix of already said stories and a few exploring the real deal of the author with her creative self penning down something beautiful, I was not thoroughly impressed with the thriller lot. I liked the horror stories, it had the necessary kick for the genre. Other genres – humor, family, friendship, and inspirational are all cat on the wall, I can neither categorize it great or lesser.
Rating: 3.5/5
What I loved in this book?
  • Diction
  • A few stories were pretty good and on par – you’re my mobilentine, case of a lucky girl, Christmas eve are my favourites
  • Narration – each story were from different POV and at different locations, and that’s commendable
Frown Factors:
  • Editing
  • Certain word usages were not appropriate to the context, it appeared artificial
  • Unnecessary descriptions at certain parts, especially in the beginning of each story
Having said that, the author has enough potential to stay proud. Writing material indeed, looking forward for more from the author to note the frown factors and to come up with a full-fledged novel. I hope the author chooses a good editor next time.