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Out of your Wedlock

It was when I lost my innocence, That everything else made perfect sense.
That I was a result of a random affair, And, I’m being cursed now, how is that even fair?
Something that sparked between the old flames, But, why should I carry the burden and be blamed.
How would I even explain you the pain, To be the walking embodiment of what’s called as shame.
To what do I owe this honor? I’ve got to live with a misnomer.
I try to endure this with great fortitude, But the neighborhood says, “like your mother, you’d become a prostitute,”
I feel like I’m drowning in a bottomless pond, I don’t even know what’s father-daughter bond? Oh, when I call him, he never responds. Can someone change my life with a magical wand?
My tears don’t wash away my sorrows, But, it hurts to know that my initials are to be borrowed.
And people forget to see what’s beneath my skin, Their comments that brings tears to the brim,
None understood my grief, Can I live a different life for at least a short brief?
I just want to go nowhere, Away from this world that spells not of affair. Dear God, let me please disappear, The opinions and judgements – oh, I don’t want to adhere.
— Kavipriya Moorthy

Detached from the little!

Am not precious, am not love oozing newbie, am not compassionate – I would rather say ‘fuck this shit’ and ‘been there-done that’ as I can never be contained.
Confined by walls physically, yet, wandering heartily because my mind has wings, a heart is so restless and attitude so resistant and rebelling. I am here, looking out for an adventure that is not ordinary.
You will never receive a “hey good morning” to smile when you get up, I will never bother if you skip lunch, I will never check if you reached home safe, I am this! Call it free-spirited or not-so-sensitive.
Am temperate, not loving, don’t be bothered when am suddenly gone! I will be back; especially if I know you’re a lobster that would wait to know.
I wear passion like a backpack and surf through the craziness that the world offers. I have been through shit, disappointments, triumphs, betrayal, depression, and the crisis that led to a transformation. Am not the old skin! Shed them way back!
I let go – as easy as throwing the banana skin; I fire every past day, and I don’t carry the pain forward. I know that I have a future, and it would give me something in abundance.
Call me anything that has depth, and not a black butterfly! I can’t care, but I will walk through and be there with you through struggles. I am not an emotional pendulum to drive you nuts with my mood swings; I would sense and say on behalf that I am in the bitch mode well in advance!
I love alone time, quiet places, and am overwhelmed with what I am – egoistic and narcissistic about what am capable of. I am possessive about me; I love me wholly!
I do what I feel like doing; I don’t have an opinion. Not a cry baby! I only learnt to roar. Unapologetically incredible, and a wonderful soul that loves to share what is wise.
Pic Courtesy: Writer tattoo from Pinterest


Fate, I blamed.
When I met the designated and the butterflies fluttered.
When my heart pounded faster, I thought it’s magical.
A wave of excitement and giddiness,
I sunk enough to trust wholeheartedly,
I felt like I’m in a trance,
That blush and smile, and the hormones that activated the red on my cheeks, Bliss!
Hands on the nape of my neck, and a hug that envelops the soul,
The flare in the belly has no compare,
Scooped my heart off, and head tumbling on the shoulders,
Stripped – not the clothes that covered the nude, but, also the ability to trust, and to believe that I deserve love.
— Kavipriya Moorthy